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49ers up, Raiders down

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: Based on one game — and one game only — the narrative we blithely accepted in the preseason about the Raiders and 49ers got stood on its head. Or its helmet. This was the narrative going into Game 1: The Raiders were on the rise. They finally were about to become a real team, maybe even a contender. On CSN Bay Area, Bill Romanowski said Raiders players… Read More »

Raiders’ flopperoo

Here is a link to my Monday column. The full text runs below: OAKLAND Welcome to Oakland Raiders football, Jack Del Rio. Welcome to losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in your inaugural game, a game that promised so much until it didn’t. You never thought being Raiders head coach would be a cinch. We understand that. But, admit it, you weren’t prepared for the total horror that prevails at O.Co. Coliseum. Always prevails. You didn’t think you’d lose 33-13, a proud… Read More »

Aldon Smith & Jack Del Rio

Here is a link to my Sunday column. The full text runs below: The Raiders, who open at home today against the Bengals, did right to sign Aldon Smith to a one-year deal. Oh, that’s such a tepid, cautious statement. The Raiders didn’t only do right. The Raiders did brilliant. Before you point out that I recently praised the 49ers for dumping Smith after yet more off-field problems, yes, I praised the 49ers for dumping Smith. I plead guilty to… Read More »

Raiders exhibition game 3

Here is a link to my Monday Raiders column. The full text runs below: OAKLAND The Raiders played their third exhibition game on Sunday night — it was against the Arizona Cardinals. Who cares about the score? The third exhibition game is the “dress rehearsal,” the closest these silly preseason exercises approach real games, meaningful games, games you remember. How did the Raiders do in their dress rehearsal? Did they look all dressed up and ready to go? Those are… Read More »

10 reasons Raiders won’t move to LA

Here is a link to my Sunday column. The full text runs below: Lots of talk about the Raiders moving to L.A. Lots of talk this is their final season at O.Co Coliseum. Please. Time for a Raiders reality check. Here are 10 reasons the Raiders never move to L.A. I write this knowing owner Mark Davis has his heart in the right place, knowing Carmen Policy is on the Raiders’ side, and he is the best. Even with Policy, the Raiders… Read More »

Raiders showcase Amari Cooper

Here is a link to my Saturday column. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — It’s so obvious what the Raiders are doing. I use “obvious” in the most flattering sense. They are trying to establish rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper as a key player. Maybe THE key player on offense. And it’s exactly what they should do. I base this analysis on a small sample size — the Raiders involved Cooper in only five plays. So, Cooper didn’t exactly… Read More »

Introducing Raiders Beth Mowins

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Raiders play-by-play announcer Beth Mowins. The full text runs below: Why should people take Beth Mowins seriously? The phone interview had been going cordially. Then I asked Mowins the inevitable question, the blunt question. You see, the Raiders hired Mowins — a woman in case you haven’t guessed — to do television play-by-play for three of their four exhibition games along with Tim Brown and Matt Millen. Brown and Millen will… Read More »

Bulletin: Raiders are improving

Here is an early link to my Sunday column about the Raiders in free agency. The full text runs below: How is football like baseball? A team must be strong up the middle. In baseball, a team needs a good catcher, pitcher, shortstop, second baseman and center fielder. Of course, every team needs more than that, but every team needs to be strong up the middle for starters. Or it’s sunk. Same goes for football. Same goes for the Oakland… Read More »

Raiders hit, Niners miss

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about the Raiders great hiring and the Niners joke hiring. The full text runs below: The Raiders got rid of the untalented guy, the ordinary guy and hired someone special. The 49ers got rid of someone special and hired the untalented guy, the ordinary guy. It almost reads like an equation, and the equation means the Raiders are on the way up and the Niners are going down. To complete the equation… Read More »

Jed York or Mark Davis, you make the call

Here is a link to my Sunday column which asks the eternal question, Who is a better owner Mark Davis or Jed York? The full text runs below: Who is a better team owner, Jed York or Mark Davis? Both are in the news. Both are searching for new head coaches. So, if you were a head-coaching aspirant, which owner would you rather work for? At first, the answer seems obvious. A new coach would rather team up with Jed… Read More »