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Is Pablo Sandoval pressing?

Here is a link to my Sunday column on Pablo Sandoval. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — Tony Bennett didn’t sing in China Basin on Saturday. It’s nice to hear Tony croon “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” after every Giants home win, a lovely tradition at AT&T Park, Tony with his raspy meticulous understated voice putting all that emotion into it. No Tony for the Giants after the Rockies beat them 1-0. The crisis moment of… Read More »

Lincecum, Cain — what gives?

Here is a link to my Friday column about Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. The full text runs below. So, how do you like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain now? It was all praise about them in spring training. How they were throwing the ball great. How they had lost speed on their heaters but that was a natural evolution in the career of every elite pitcher. Speed loss was strictly no problem because they had learned how to pitch,… Read More »

Brandon Belt equals Babe Ruth

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Brandon Belt, hitting terror. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO – “It doesn’t suck to start off the season pretty good,” Brandon Belt philosophized after the Giants beat the Diamondbacks 7-3 in their home opener. Belt’s non-sucking verbal construction referred to Belt himself, although the Giants, now 6-2, are doing pretty well themselves at not sucking. “I think I’ve struggled enough that I’ve figured some things out,” Belt said at… Read More »

Pablo Sandoval wants Hunter Pence money

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Pablo Sandoval’s contract request. The full text runs below: Pablo Sandoval has a lot of nerve. As you know, 2014 is the final year of Sandoval’s contract. In baseball parlance it is his contract year. His representative and the Giants have been talking about an extension, and that’s where things get sticky and that’s where Sandoval has a lot of nerve. His agent has asked for — demanded, actually — a… Read More »

Barry Bonds, batting coach

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Barry Bonds. The full text appears below: The Giants have invited Barry Bonds to be a batting instructor for a week in spring training. This is controversial news for reasons I don’t need to explain, but before I get started, here’s where I stand on Bonds the person — just so you’ll know. Bonds is the most unpleasant baseball player I ever covered. There could be somebody else. I’m blanking on… Read More »

Bruce Bochy talks gamesmanship

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Bruce Bochy. The full text appears below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — It’s post workout, about 1 p.m. A few Giants are taking batting practice and manager Bruce Bochy walks off the field and settles his huge body onto the dugout bench for his daily media briefing. He answers questions from the beat writers on various topics: how well some young pitchers I never heard of are throwing, how Angel Pagan’s back seized… Read More »

What Tim Lincecum can learn from Tim Hudson

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Tim Lincecum and Tim Hudson. The full column runs below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — This is the key fact. Tim Hudson’s locker is located between Tim Lincecum’s locker and Matt Cain’s. Right in the middle. Forget Cain for now. His career is in better shape than Lincecum’s — although, it’s not that much better. Think of the Tims being next to each other, Lincecum and Hudson. And while you think about that,… Read More »

Tim Hudson on Buster Posey

Here is Tim Hudson explaining why it’s a good thing that Buster Posey can hit: “If you’re a catcher that can’t hit, a lot of times that catcher’s going to call a lot of pitches they can’t hit which a lot of the league can hit. I’m glad I have a catcher that rakes.”

Sergio Romo makes a muscle

Sergio Romo is an animated person. Maybe hyper is the right word. This morning, he walked through the Giant’s clubhouse flexing his right bicep in his short-sleeve t-shirt. Making a muscle. He looked at his muscle and then he looked at the writers to see if they saw the muscle. It was a pretty big muscle. He walked past Tim Hudson and made the muscle once more. Hudson observed the muscle, maybe even evaluated it. As far as I could… Read More »

Pablo Sandoval talks

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Pablo Sandoval. The full text appears below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Pablo Sandoval was listening to Marco Scutaro from a distance. It was the first day of full-team workouts for the Giants and it was 8:30 Wednesday morning and Marco Scutaro was presiding. Master of ceremonies. He was telling a story in Spanish to 12 — count them — Latin players and they all would burst out laughing at his punch lines. Sandoval… Read More »