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Petit up, Lincecum down

Here is a link to my Friday column about Yusmeiro Petit and Tim Lincecum. The full text runs below. SAN FRANCISCO – The newspaper reporters and the radio and TV people were waiting at Yusmeiro Petit’s locker after the game, after the Giants beat the Rockies 4-1, after Petit set a major league record by retiring 46 straight hitters in one season — a major league freaking record — and after he pitched six dazzling innings giving up four hits,… Read More »

Giants catch a break

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the Giants’ potentially important Wednesday win over the White Sox. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO The San Francisco Giants bumped into an old friend on Wednesday. They thought the friend was dead. The friend is known as Hope. The Giants had been wandering down a back alley keeping close company with Despair, the enemy of Hope. You never want to be friends with Despair. How into Despair were the… Read More »

Giants finally win a game

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the Giants defeating the Pirates. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO Science entertains doubt about water going down the drain. South of the equator, it is said, water flows down a drain counterclockwise. North of the equator clockwise. It is hard to prove either of these propositions. One thing is not hard. If the Giants had lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates in Wednesday’s matinée, the home team would have gone… Read More »

Giants lose X4

Here is a link to my Monday column about the Dodgers sweep of the Giants. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO Righthander Jake Peavy did reasonably well in his Giants’ debut on Sunday. But enough about him. The Giants lost the third time in a row to the rival Dodgers, got swept. At home. They began the game in second place and, by virtue of the 4-3 loss, fell further behind the Dodgers – they now are a game… Read More »

Cain’s non-progress

In his pregame presser, Bochy just said he has no idea when Matt Cain will throw again or be ready to pitch in a game. The Cainer is a big question mark. Can someone figure out how much Cain has earned for each of his two wins so far this season? FYI, Rich Lieberman just wrote me an email saying Cain so far has earned $10 million for each of his two wins.

Giants just gotta have fun

After the Giants got beat yet again on Friday, that philosopher Matt Cain said the Giants need “to act like a bunch of little kids.” He meant the Giants need to have fun, baseball, after all, being a game. When Frank Robinson managed the Giants — Robinson in the Hall of Fame and all that — he had contempt for the have-fun, be-kids approach to ball. He said, correctly, major league baseball is hard and it’s serious.  He said the… Read More »

A’s vs. Giants

I find it interesting that the A’s, who have the best record in baseball, are adding two big-time pitchers to make the team even better, and the Giants, who are doing a fast fade, so far have done nothing.

Giants’ problems

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about the Giants. The full text runs below: This is going to be critical of the Giants. Not too critical. They lead the National League West and have the best record in baseball. Even so, Giants euphoria had surged recently. I was on television a week ago and we were talking Giants. If they did well on the homestand, just completed, were they in position to wrap up their division by the… Read More »

I root for Tim Lincecum

Here is a link to my Monday column on Tim Lincecum’s win over the Mets. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO – I admit to a weakness for Tim Lincecum. When he pitches, I root for him although I’m not a Giants fan or a fan of any team. I’m a Timmy fan. I don’t understand why. I don’t really know the guy. I covered his start against the Mets on Sunday, a 6-4 Giants’ win, a Timmy win.… Read More »