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Is Pablo Sandoval a jerk?

Here is an early link to my Tuesday column about Pablo Sandoval. The full text runs below: Pablo Sandoval may be a jerk. Oh, let’s not pussyfoot around. He is a jerk. His jerkiness has nothing to do with the Panda. The Panda is a fun-loving, gracious, wonderful person Giants fans took to their hearts. The fans knew the Panda. The fans didn’t know Sandoval. They are getting to know him. Sandoval and the Panda are opposites. You probably know… Read More »

Al Rosen

Al Rosen died. I want to pay homage. He was a tough nice man. He spoke honestly and he didn’t fib. He wasn’t big but he seemed very big. He made the Giants relevant. He brought up Robby Thompson and Will Clark. He hired Roger Craig. He let Craig manage without interference. He had been a great baseball player and after that he was a man of business. A man of the world. He always was available to talk honestly.… Read More »

Missing Hunter Pence

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Hunter Pence. The full text runs below: The feel-good parts of the story are all there. Hunter Pence is in great spirits after Corey Black broke his left arm with a fastball. And Black is contrite and expressed sorrow to Pence on Twitter. That still leaves the Giants with a hole in their batting order and a big problem in the cavernous right field at AT&T Park. The Giants were power… Read More »

Giants’ rotation, good or not so good?

Here is a link to my Friday column about Giants’ starting pitching. The full text runs below: Do the Giants have the best starting rotation in the National League, or one of the worst? Their 2015 season depends on how they answer that question. With the Giants everything depends on the pitching. That includes the bullpen. It’s just that the bullpen is superb. The starting rotation is the issue. Let’s look at the cons and then the pros. The five… Read More »

On being Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum seems to be a very nice person. Always has appeared that way. To the extent that I know him I like him. But it’s hard being Tim Lincecum. That’s my opinion. I did not interview him in Arizona. His body language so clearly says please leave me alone. Most reporters leave him alone out of kindness or deference. Whatever. Talking about himself and his occupation seems to pain him. More than it pains most. I don’t know why.… Read More »

The Giants, a positive view

When I look at the Giants this time of year, I tend to take a critical view. Maybe you do, too. I’m talking pitching right now. I see all the innings Madison Bumgarner pitched last year. I’m aware Matt Cain and Tim Hudson had offseason surgery. I know Jake Peavy is 33. And I know I know nothing about Tim Lincecum. Giants starting pitching presents so many imponderables. And yet, it could turn out great. Bumgarner may be the best… Read More »

No Pablo Sandoval

The Giants clubhouse is quieter without Pablo Sandoval. His locker, now occupied by Andrew Susac, was smack in the middle of the room. He would sit there and talk and laugh. Mostly he talked in Spanish and the other Spanish-speaking guys laughed with him and took their cues from him. They all had fun. And he had special status. When asked about his departure, the other Giants are careful in what they say. They generally say they will miss him… Read More »

Peavy talks and Peavy sings

Here is an early link to my Saturday column about Jake Peavy. The full text runs below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Very early Friday morning. Jake Peavy enters the clubhouse. He is singing, his voice passionate, his face filled with emotion. Sing, Jake. “But darling, oh darlin’/You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen/Won’t you roll me easy/Oh slow and easy.” He is singing “Roll Um Easy” by Little Feat. Lowell George wrote and performed the song and Little Feat and Lowell… Read More »

Bochy talks Giants on Friday

The Giants workout just ended. Pitchers threw to batters on three different fields. Jake Peavy pitched in Scottsdale Stadium – I watched him. Tim Lincecum pitched in the back field at Scottsdale Stadium and I did not see him. Reporters asked Bruce Bochy about Lincecum. “Looked good,” Bochy said, “threw the ball well. Good outing for him. Great delivery. Free and easy. Command of everything. He’s working on things, getting  ready for the season. He’s been very good with his… Read More »

Greatness of Giants bullpen

Here is a link to my Friday column about the core of the Giants bullpen. The full text runs below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The constant in the Giants’ greatness is the bullpen. OK, call it one of the constants. Bruce Bochy is constant and Brian Sabean is constant and Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are constants and there are others. But the bullpen, the core of the bullpen, has remained constant and illustrious for three world championships. The bullpen constant… Read More »