Breaking news: Buster Posey

Breaking news. Posey did not hit a home run in tonight's Giants slaughter at the hands of the Dodgers. He didn't have an RBI either. Hey, I know homers and RBIs are old-style metrics and I'm a moron to refer to them. But Posey, the Giants'slugger,' has two homers and [...]

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Why Buster Posey Owes me a Thank you, Lowell

Buster Posey owes me a thank you for getting him refocused on his job with my constructive and very pointed and well-deserved criticism. His job involves hitting home runs. He hit a homer in Game 1 vs. the Dodgers. I'm happy to have helped. Now he needs to make a [...]

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Why Buster Posey is Overrated

I say Buster Posey is overrated. I have been tweeting that and readers are sore at me. I can take it. Besides, I'm retired and life is grand. Is Posey an excellent hitter? Sure he is. Is Posey an excellent catcher? Sure he is. Is he a good guy? He [...]

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What Giants need

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Giants gone

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Samardzija flops

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SF Giants at the doorstep

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Giants in the thick of things

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Have any Giants exceeded expectations?

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Dingerless SF Giants

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