Is this really baseball?

Covering Giants-Reds matinee today. My first baseball game since early in the season. What got in the Way? The Warriors. Family matters. Vacation. I feel like I'm starting over. I bet the Giants do, too.

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THESE are the Giants?

Watched all 3 Giants-Yankees games on TV. The Yankees can't hit, not like when they had Mantle, Maris, Berra, Jackson etc. etc. And I kept saying to myself, "THESE are the Yankees?" After the Giants dropped two of three and also couldn't hit, I said to myself, "THESE are the [...]

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Don’t panic about Giants

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A’s vs Giants based on virtue

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Bumgarner, Kershaw & core issues

To read my Sunday Giants column click here. The full text runs below: LOWELL COHN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | April 9, 2016, 10:11PM SAN FRANCISCO Sometimes the story isn’t what you think. The story Saturday at wet, gray AT&T Park was supposed to be the pitching matchup Madison Bumgarner vs. [...]

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Rain delay

At 12:50 it's barely raining. Still haven't announced starting time. But I'm sure managers don't want to start Bumgarner and Kershaw and then have to sit them down or even take them out. This is tricky.

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These Giants can hit

To ready my Giants column click here. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO Home opener for the Giants. Has everything. Including a 12-6 Giants win. Dodgers in town. Dodgers undefeated. Dodgers haven’t given up a run. Dodgers have aura of invincibility. Sellout crowd. Of course. Giants-Dodgers one of the [...]

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Giants need an ‘explainer’

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Bumgarner’s warning signs

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Whither Pagan and Cain?

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