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San Francisco Giants say goodbye

Here is a link to my Tuesday Giants farewell column. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO Giants management said goodbye on Monday. CEO Larry Baer and General Manager Bobby Evans and manager Bruce Bochy came to the interview room at AT&T Park for the final time this season, participated in a state-of-the-team Q&A. The Giants have a superior lineup going into next season. But their starting pitching is not superior. The Giants need to improve the rotation, make it… Read More »

Praising SF Giants

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: Time to pay our respects to the Giants. They deserve respect. They mattered almost all season. They showed courage and brought drama to their fans even at the end when their roster looked minor league. They matter right now as a contender in 2016. This team always matters. It is not my job to make excuses for the Giants, but it doesn’t take a genius to notice… Read More »

Honoring Tim Lincecum

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Tim Lincecum. The full text runs below: Time to write about Tim Lincecum in the past tense. He always has been a present-tense person. This is a sad column. He has trouble with his hips. He’s not getting better. He probably won’t pitch for the Giants anymore this season. Or ever. His career may be over and he’s only 31. So we go to the past tense. Sad. No one ever… Read More »

SF Giants and the dead shark

Here is a link to my Sunday column. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — Woody Allen, the most distinguished alumnus of Midwood High School — my high school in Brooklyn — would have called the Giants’ 6-0 Saturday loss to the Cardinals a “dead shark.” A team gets shut out, it has a dead shark on its hands. Sharks need to keep moving forward to live according to Woody (see “Annie Hall”), and the Giants pretty much stopped… Read More »

Giants take series from Cubs

Here is a link to my Friday column. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — Be real clear about what the Giants just did. They took a series from the Cubs who had not lost a road series since late June. The Cubs are the hottest team in baseball. You could look it up. The Giants cooled the Cubs’ jets. The Giants lost the first game of the three-game series and then just handed it to Chicago — blitzed… Read More »

The SF Giants with sprinkles on top

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: This is about the Giants, the Captain Marvel Paradox, Marty Lurie and ice cream. The Giants are a flawed team — sometimes they are downright crummy — but they still could win the World Series. I’m dead serious. Paradox City. Before I get into the Captain Marvel Paradox and Marty Lurie and ice cream, here’s an admission. I am writing this column Wednesday morning, hours before the… Read More »

The end for Cain and Lincecum?

Here is a link to my Wednesday column. The full text runs below: This isn’t the saddest story ever told. But it’s sad, anyway; It’s the Saga of Timmy and Matt — better known to the world as Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. The saga was supposed to have a happy ending, a heroic ending, frankly, with these two Giants pitchers right now in the full flourishing of their prime and their greatness. It was supposed to be Tim and… Read More »

SF Giants need a bat

Here is a link to my Thursday Giants column. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — The Giants need another bat. As in a hitter. They got shut out in their Wednesday matinee, lost 2-0, went quietly, passively. Five hits. Asleep at the switch. Astros starter Scott Feldman did the deed. Good pitcher. Not exactly Nolan Ryan. For heaven’s sake, the Giants need a bat. They recently lost these players – count them – Joe Panik, Nori Aoki and… Read More »

The smokeless tobacco police

Here is an early link to my Thursday column about do-gooders and smokeless tobacco and the SF Giants. The full text runs below: I have a horror of do-gooders. Do-gooders mean well, but they are bossy and they intrude on our lives and tell us what we should and should not do. Like the latest thing they’re up to in baseball. A group of do-gooders sponsored a bill to ban the use of smokeless tobacco (dip) from public athletic fields… Read More »

Mike Leake to Giants

Brian Sabean and the Sabettes usually make the right move. That’s what they did this time. They needed a starting pitcher. They got Mike Leake who will eat up innings, rest the bullpen and almost surely win. Tim Hudson moves to the bullpen. It’s unclear he can warm up fast enough to be a reliever, but the Giants are allowing him to retain his dignity instead of designating him for assignment. Good for the Giants on both counts.