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Lowell picks Stanford over Oregon

Here is a link to my column about the Stanford-Oregon football game. The full text appears below: With Stanford and Oregon, it’s not just a football game. It’s a clash of philosophies. There’s another way of saying that without invoking the “P-word,” that’s “P” for philosophy. The Stanford and Oregon football teams are as different as teams get — as in polar opposites, as in looking at the world of football in contrasting, even antagonistic, ways. Say what? Pay attention,… Read More »

The scandal at Cal, and why Stanford is better

Here is a link to my Sunday column about the academic-sports scandal at Cal Berkeley. The full text appears below. Stanford is better than Cal. Stanford may not be a better university than Cal — then again it may be better. But when it comes to dealing with its football and basketball players, when it comes to fulfilling its mission to develop student-athletes, Stanford makes Cal look like some rinky-dink community college from the desert somewhere. This is another way… Read More »

David Shaw interview

Here is the opening to my Sunday profile of David Shaw: STANFORD Willie Shaw likes to tell this story about his son David, who just happens to be Stanford’s football coach, whose team just happens to be playing in Tuesday’s Rose Bowl against Wisconsin. David, a Stanford graduate, asked his future wife Kori to marry him in front of Memorial Church on the Stanford campus. She said yes. He said they would have to wait before taking their vows. She… Read More »

Stanford going to Rose Bowl

Here is the opening to my column about Stanford winning the Pac-12 title: STANFORD There was something redundant about the Pac-12 championship game. Stanford defeated UCLA for the second time in six days, which proves the Cardinal are better than the Bruins. It is not clear if they will play each other next week. The prize for beating the plucky Bruins, 27-24, is a trip to the Rose Bowl, the Cardinals’ first trip to the Promised Land since 2000. All… Read More »

Stanford defeats Beavers

Here is the opening to my column about Stanford’s impressive victory over the Oregon State Beavers: STANFORD It is unusual for a football team, an elite team like Stanford, to change quarterbacks during the season and remain elite. That’s exactly what the Cardinal did. They changed quarterbacks and beat the seriously good Oregon State Beavers and became even more elite. The Cardinal are a contender for the Rose Bowl and, if they beat the Oregon Ducks next week in Eugene,… Read More »

Stanford not out of Luck

Here is the opening to my column about Stanford’s win over USC: STANFORD At first, you thought Stanford was out of Luck, as in out of Andrew Luck. That’s because the Cardinal offense wasn’t so hot and neither was quarterback Josh Nunes. I’m talking about the first half only, when there was a definite lack of Luck. But OK, allow me to start again. It’s rare when the issue in a football game is so clear. But the issue for… Read More »

Cal needs to win Big Game

Here is my column on Saturday’s Big Game which will be played at Stanford at the late hour of 7:15 pm, too late for many newspapers to cover it comfortably. I attended Monday’s Big Game media luncheon in San Francisco, spoke to Cal coach Jeff Tedford and Stanford’s coach David Shaw and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, and came away with the firm conclusion that Cal sure could benefit by winning this game. To read my column please click here.

What David Shaw said about the BCS

They held the annual Big Game luncheon today — I’m writing a column about it right now. All the main characters were there including Stanford coach David Shaw, a witty, alert, engaging, playful, serious, encouraging, smart man in addition to being a very good coach. One writer asked Shaw something about the BCS and deserving — I didn’t hear the whole question but I heard Shaw’s whole answer. Shaw said, “BCS and deserving don’t belong in the same sentence.”

Stanford blown out

Here is my Sunday column from Saturday night’s Stanford-Oregon showdown. As you know, Stanford lost — got blown out — 53-30, and it happened in Stanford’s house. Ouch. The Cardinal lost more than just a game. They lost standing, stature, you name it, on many fronts. That’s how much was riding on this game. Andrew Luck lost standing, too. To read my column on the implications of the loss for Stanford please click here.

Phil Simms wrong about Andrew Luck

Phil Simms is an opinionated football analyst. And for that I appreciate him. Recently, he said Andrew Luck does not make big time NFL throws and he questioned Luck’s arm strength. I happen to disagree with these Simms opinions. I’ve seen Luck play a lot and he has a big time arm and he makes big time throws. I mean, duh? He probably doesn’t throw as hard as Brett Favre threw. So what? Neither did Joe Montana. He probably doesn’t… Read More »