I don’t understand

I don't understand why the Chronicle that gets delivered to me in Oakland is the early edition. Today's didn't have Henry Schulman's final game story from the Giants game. It was an early version with no postgame quotes. I went online to read Henry's final version with quotes. Is Oakland [...]

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Reading 'Lila' by Marylin Robinson, could be best working novelist in US.

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Lowell’s reading

I'm in my eighth decade and I'm making up for lost time. Reading Divine Comedy right now, and will read The Decameron and will reread Canterbury Tales and Paradise Lost. I'm getting serious. You?

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Lincecum released

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Stuff I never heard of till I came to California

avocado, guacamole, pesto, onion dip, cheese dip, any kind of dip, quinoa, New York steak, Reuben sandwich, "Awesome" as an exclamation for everything good or not so good, tri tip, "No problem" instead of "You're welcome," pizza with shrimp on top, hash browns, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, you name [...]

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Marty and me

Saw Marty Lurie the other day. "Lowell, I dreamed about you last night." "You did?" "Yes, you were in a dance contest." "Was I a good dancer?" "I should say. You won."

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Among baseball’s bad ideas

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Here come the Olympics, I guess

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Jim Harrison redux

Please forgive me for the nonsports posts lately. I'm on vacation. Mind elsewhere. And how. Have been reading through Jim Harrison who died recently. Do not like his early stuff, especially Legends of the Fall which made his reputation. His late stuff -- and I mean very late -- is [...]

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Weisinger Wine

Because I'm on vacation, I'm doing a lot of pleasing myself. It is 7:30 on a cool Oakland night, and I'm sitting on my back deck drinking from a bottle of Weisinger Pinot Noir 2013. Weisinger is a family -- and I mean family -- winery in the up-and-coming Rogue [...]

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