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The cat

There is a cat in the ventilation system of the Royals press box. I’m sitting here preparing for the game and every once in a while I hear a meow ovewr my head. Killion and Kawakami hear it too. Do we call it a Royals cat?

On Seeing

For Game 1, I sat in the auxiliary press box although I have a seat in the main press box. The aux box is down the left field line. I sat there because there is a post in front of my face in the main box and I need to crane my neck to see the batter. I thought I could see better from the aux box. Also, my colleague from the PD, Phil Barber, is sitting in left field… Read More »

The pillbox

There are many ways I know I’m old. The pillbox is one of them. I am packing today because tomorrow I fly to KC for the World Series. When I was younger, packing was simple. I packed my clothes. Now I have to pack the pillbox, one of those things with compartments labeled Sunday, Monday etc. I put all my pill bottles out and drop pills into the appropriate compartments. If you are old, you know what I’m talking about.… Read More »

Eating in St. Louis

I’ve covered lots of Giants and Niners games in St. Louis and I’m fairly familiar with the place. I like St. Louis. I stay downtown because it’s near where the Cardinals and Rams play — I’m at a downtown hotel right now — but I like to eat in the neighborhoods. I like the Central West End and consider it one of the most interesting neighborhoods in America. I used to eat all the time at the Balaban but haven’t… Read More »

Thanks to readers

In my Wednesday column I wrote Vogelsong gave up two runs. He gave up one — as several readers reminded me. Thank you and I apologize for the mistake. I fixed it on the internet version of the column.

Green confusion

This is about garbage and how it confuses me. At every ballpark media eating room they have big garbage cans with three compartments: Landfill, Compost, Recycling. I’m standing there with the remainder of my meal, and napkins and plastic knives and forks and cups and I go blank at the garbage stand. What goes where? When did garbage ever become so complicated? Do you fell confused too? What do you do when confronted with the three-pronged garbage can?

Andy Warhol Museum

Ann Killion and I went to the Andy Warhol Museum today — Warhol grew up in Pittsburgh. The museum is a beautiful place in a beautiful part of this lovely city. And the museum has so much stuff. I was struck by how creative Warhol was, how many unique ideas he had. But I must admit I am not well-versed in art, so I have some questions for you. And I’d appreciate your help. Do you like Warhol? Why? What… Read More »

PNC Park — wow

Sitting in the press box at PNC Park in Pittsburgh waiting for Media Day to start. This yard is gorgeous, perhaps the equal of AT&T Park. I sit in the box and look past center field to the Alegheny River, traversed by three bridges painted gold. Behind the river is a neat, compact, highly civilized downtown. San Franciscans could feel at home in Steel City.