Jim Harbaugh revisited

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Fidel Castro, quite a guy!

In the past few days, many readers have written me lengthy letters correcting my view of Fidel Castro as a murdering, heartless dictator. I appreciate their input in which I learned Castro wasn't really that bad, that I can't criticize him without considering the context he lived and ruled in, [...]

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Things athletes don’t know

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Lowell’s Hall of Fame picks

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Quarterback “A” vs. Quarterback “B”

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KitchenAid is Dreadful

Here's my infuriating experience with KitchenAid. In 2013, my wife and I bought a range hood from KitchenAid, one of those undercabinet hoods that sits over the cooktop. It cost $764.10, a lot of money but we believed in KitchenAid. Within a year the hood broke. It made scary noises [...]

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Giants lose Game 1

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Bochy said

Bochy said trip from New York to Chicago was so long, "You'd think we were going to Europe."

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Wrigley scene

Sun fading over Chicago, glancing off the windows of the high rise buildings, giving the city an old gold glow. The field is perfect. Both teams warming up. Postseason baseball among the great things in life.

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You probably know already but Samardzija will pitch Game 2. Bochy said it's his turn plus he's familiar with Wrigley. Moore probably to  pitch Game 4.

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