Giants lose Game 1

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Bochy said

Bochy said trip from New York to Chicago was so long, "You'd think we were going to Europe."

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Wrigley scene

Sun fading over Chicago, glancing off the windows of the high rise buildings, giving the city an old gold glow. The field is perfect. Both teams warming up. Postseason baseball among the great things in life.

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You probably know already but Samardzija will pitch Game 2. Bochy said it's his turn plus he's familiar with Wrigley. Moore probably to  pitch Game 4.

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Joe Maddon

Maddon talks in half an hour. I've written this before but he and I are graduates of Lafayette College in Easton, PA. He graduated ten years after me. He grew up in Hazelton, PA. The family lived over his dad's plumbing shop -- their name had been shortened from Maddonini. [...]

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Giants wild card roster

No Cain, no Peavy, no Nunez. Casilla made it.

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‘Salento by 5,’ a book

I'm bragging here. Audrey Fielding, one of my all-best creative writing students at USF, just published a book along with her husband David and three Italian friends about their adventures, lifestyle. walks, eating experiences, life experiences in south-east Italy. Audrey and David live there part of the year. The writing [...]

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New York chaos

So sad. So scary. I am at a hotel in New York right now watching TV about the explosion in Chelsea, Manhattan. No one seems to know for sure what happened or who did it, but what took place was bad. I am in New York for a memorial for [...]

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Wine question

Anyone tried Medalla Real Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 from Chile? Got it for 20 bucks. Like it.

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I don’t understand

I don't understand why the Chronicle that gets delivered to me in Oakland is the early edition. Today's didn't have Henry Schulman's final game story from the Giants game. It was an early version with no postgame quotes. I went online to read Henry's final version with quotes. Is Oakland [...]

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