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Tom Brady whacked

It seems clear Tom Brady cheated by abetting in deflated balls. The NFL thinks so. I long have been suspicious of his squeaky-clean image and I just don’t trust Belichick and the Patriots. But here’s the thing. A 4-game suspension is one-quarter of the season. That’s big. If a guy throws a spitter in baseball, he gets a 10-game suspension. I checked this out and believe I am correct. So, that’s roughly only one-sixteenth of the season. I’m horrible at… Read More »

Carla Thomas at the Majestic Grille

There is a God. I went to a media session earlier today with Steve Kerr and Draymond Green. Walked back to my hotel. Cut into Majestic Grille for lunch. While I’m eating, the waitress, lovely woman named Lisa, told me not to hurry. The Rufus Thomas Family was about to perform. I look up to the balcony. There they are. They were celebrating a relative’s birthday. Great sax. Filled up the room. I’m getting this for free, getting this along… Read More »

Draymond Green no villain

Here is a link to my Saturday column about Draymond Green. The full text runs below: MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This you’ve got to hear. In Memphis — a terrific city — Draymond Green is the bad guy. The evil one. Verging on the anti-Christ. It’s all about him and the Grizzlies’ Mike Conley. In Game 2 of this series in Oakland, as you remember, Green went after a loose ball, did it in the flow of the game. Conley held… Read More »

National Civil Rights Museum

Went to National Civil Rights Museum this morning. It is in the Lorraine Motal where Martin Luther King got shot. You can see his motel room. Across the courtyard is the inn where James Earl Ray shot from. You can see his room. He shot thru the bathroom window standing in the bathtub. This museum is powerful, takes your breath away. And what’s funny, weird, whatever — from the outside the motel and the inn look so ordinary, so nothing.… Read More »

credit card stuff

Twice in the past year somebody got our credit card numbers and started charging stuff. Luckily, the bank caught it, alerted us and didn’t charge us. I have no idea how this theft happens. I fear it happens when I’m on the road, although I’m not sure it does. I fly to Memphis on Thursday and I’m bringing cash. Imagine that. Cash. It’s such a retro idea. I’ll use cash for cabs and for little diners for breakfast and lunch.… Read More »

Mark Cuban wrong about college hoops

I respect Mark Cuban. He is an independent voice and he is smart and refreshingly honest. He takes chances in what he says and sometimes he’s all wet. It comes with being a brave guy. I really disagree with what he said about college hoops. He said college basketball is hurting NBA ball. He said they play the wrong style of hoops in college and that hurts the pros. He may be right, but he’s still wrong. College ball is… Read More »


Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I go to a new restaurant in the Oakland Hills, the Growlers Arms, an English Country restaurant. Just great. I love the food and the room and I always order a decaf after dinner. They bring the coffee and cubes of brown sugar. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, the old men on Avenue M, the old men from the old country, drank their coffee with a sugar cube in their mouth, drank the coffee… Read More »

Sandy Alderson book

Sandy Alderson is among the most interesting people I’ve met and covered. He is cool, hot, calm, excitable, very smart, funny and serious. Steve Kettmann, my former colleague at the Chronicle, just came out with “Baseball Maverick,” a book which captures all of Sandy’s complexity. It is a rollicking, fascinating read. It tells how Sandy was a Marine in Viet Nam. Hey, he even was pictured in a Marine poster.  It tells how Sandy got into baseball with the A’s… Read More »

Lowell spring training update

I told you I’m writing who is the face of the A’s franchise for Saturday. Scratch that. I’m audibilizing. I’ll write face of the franchise for Sunday no matter what. Hey, this is daily journalism and things change. For Saturday I will write either Peavy or Cain. Got that. Any ideas on who is the face of the A’s franchise. feel free to write me.

Greatness of Giants bullpen

Here is a link to my Friday column about the core of the Giants bullpen. The full text runs below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The constant in the Giants’ greatness is the bullpen. OK, call it one of the constants. Bruce Bochy is constant and Brian Sabean is constant and Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are constants and there are others. But the bullpen, the core of the bullpen, has remained constant and illustrious for three world championships. The bullpen constant… Read More »