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I always like the first game of a playoff series. We all learn so much. What each team thinks of the other. What works. What doesn’t. Which team has more talent, more grit. Which team makes more clever adjustments. Who is The Man on the floor. All will be skewed because Curry won’t play. But the games go on. And we learn. The world will be a slightly different place after Game 1.


I just drove into Coliseum parking lot. Both A’s and Warriors play day games and the lots are filling up with happy people. This is what the ballpark and arena were made for — multiple events. Lots of fun.


Got courtside seat for Game 4, right at one corner. Haven’t been this close in a long time. Game 3 sat in the nose bleeds and couldn’t see either bench. Jenny, who handles PR for Rockets, moved Ostler and me down because she thinks we’re nice. Misinformed about me.


Downtown Houston is very stylish, pretty, especially near Main Street. I like walking around here — my hotel is nearby. But it’s humid. Reminds me of Brooklyn in August. Leave for practice in half an hour. Everyone will be asking about THE FOOT.

Kawhi Leonard defensive player of year, not Draymond Green

Kawhi Leonard was named NBA defensive player of the year. Draymond Green wasn’t. Might have done Warriors a favor. Green will play out of his skull tonight to prove voters wrong. If Curry doesn’t play, Warriors need Green to step up big time. This is a controversial vote. Green defends all five positions and, along with Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala, makes the Warriors defense tough. Not taking anything away from Leonard. Both are great defenders. Draymond Green takes this… Read More »

Thomas Jefferson

During the rain delay I want to talk about Thomas Jefferson. Always one of my heroes. Declaration of Independence, President. Monticello. In two books I’m reading he is portrayed as a backbiter, a vindictive man and a phony. This is breaking my heart. Did you know this stuff about him?

The hippo

In Bochy’s pregame media thing he told us the hippo is the most dangerous animal to humans. That’s what I learned at high noon today. I always liked the hippo. Now not so sure.