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Roger G. & me

Went out to dinner last night with my old friend Roger G. Went to Saul’s Deli in Berkeley because Roger and I are two old Jews from Avenue L in Brooklyn and were in the same class, 1962 Midwood High School. We get together at Saul’s from time to time and when we do, we discuss him and his high-school beard. It was spring 1962 and I had an early-morning doctor appointment and would get to Midwood High late that… Read More »

Me & Henry James Part 2

As some of you know I’m readng The Ambassadors. I’m on vacation the next few weeks and I’m reading a lot. The Oxford edition of The Ambassadors I’m reading on Kindle is a mess, keeps dropping lines, even sentences. So I had to give up on it. I went back to a book, the Norton Critical Edition I used in graduate school. Hard for me to read because so much type crammed onto a page, type so small. But that’s… Read More »

Me and Henry James

I mentioned that I have a whopper cold. Mrs. Cohn Zohn is in even worse shape. I’ve been filling my time reading “late” Henry James, his last three novels which are difficult but great. This is how I know I’m old. As a young man, I could not bear late James. Now I’m deeply into The Ambassadors and I get it and I’m in love. Do any of you read late James?

49ers presser and what worries me

If the 9ers introduce Chip Kelly on Thursday, I can’t cover the news conference. So I feel worried about the whole thing. I have a doctor’s appointment of a serious nature. Not life-threatening. Nothing like that. But serious. It took me months to schedule and I must go to it. My luck, the 9ers will introduce Kelly on Thursday.