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Visa card ripoff

Got an urgent email from Chase on Tuesday saying there appeared to be fraudulant acitivity on my Visa card. And there was. So I had to cancel the card and order a new one, which is supposed to arrive today. Then I have to go online and put in the new number for several merchants. This is the second time it happened in the last few months. Grant has a theory — I believe a good one. When I fly… Read More »

Oh Christmas Tree

I used to be afraid of Christmas trees. I grew up in a Jewish ghetto, Flatbush Brooklyn. And there were no Christmas trees. Or Christmas ornaments. Or Christmas lights. A Christmas tree felt like a sacrilege. I knew nothing about Christmas. One time a Stanford professor invited me to his house for Christmas Eve and he and his wife gave me a present and I didn’t know it was the custom to bring a present. I felt like a dope… Read More »

On putting down our cat

This morning Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I put down Mr. Winkers. He was our cat, our cat since he was born 13 years ago. He was a long-haired gray cat and he had sparkle and passion and we loved him. He was Iggy’s cat (Grant’s). Iggy lived with Mr. Winkers for Mr. Winkers’ whole life and I didn’t post this until I just phoned Iggy at Niners headquarters and told him. I didn’t want him to find out about Mr.… Read More »

Lake Chalet

Had a dinner date Wednesday night with my old dear friend Dr. Jerry Kram. Both of us are Lafayette College class of 1966, which means our 50th is in a year and a half and we’re going together back to Easton, Pa. We went to Lake Chalet for dinner — right at Lake Merritt in Oakland, a gorgeous spot. We drank some lovely California meritage red and quizzed each other on the names of our Lafayette classmates, about 400. We… Read More »

Where’s Lowell?

I am home watching the Niners game. Not working today. Just a regular guy. Grant on the other hand is at the Meadowlands covering the game live. I may tweet today, or not.

On arguing

My column about Ray McDonald caused lots of passionate discussion on my blog and in emails I’ve received. I appreciate the discussion — this is a serious issue. I appreciate when people disagree with me, somtimes passionately. It means we’re all engaged, not sleep walking, trying to discover what’s right. I post all comments that disagree with me even if readers say my argument is all wet. I do not post comments that personally attack me. I don’t consider that… Read More »

Culture shock

Sitting here in the press box at Levi’s Stadium to cover a Niners game in two hours. A few days ago I was in KC covering the World Series. I was off football for a month while I gladly covered every Giants postseason game. I am glad to be here but it feels weird, like I entered an alien world. I hope the feeling passes quickly. Saturday was my birthday — I’m old. Went to dinner with Mrs. Cohn Zohn,… Read More »

Pre Game 7

Field in shadows. Chilly. Giants warming up, most in jackets and sweatshirts. Crowd beginning to filter in, many wearing blue jackets. Ballpark coming to life. Sandoval taking grounders at third. Again and again. Bullpens empty. Work in them comes later. Ballgame not even two hours away.

Get ready for Game 7

Here is a link to my column in advance of Game 7. The full text runs below. For what’s it’s worth, I have no idea who is going to win this thing? KANSAS CITY, Mo. If Bruce Bochy had chosen to start MadBum in tonight’s Game 7 of the World Series, Bochy would be the bum. As the Giants were getting mauled 10-0 by the Royals in Game 6, I received emails and tweets telling me Bochy should start Madison… Read More »

Today’s lineups

Giants Gregor Blanco — CF Joe Panik — 2B Buster Posey — C Pablo Sandoval — 3B Hunter Pence — RF Brandon Belt — 1B Michael Morse — DH Travis Ishikawa — LF Brandon Crawford — SS (Jake Peavy — P) Royals Alcides Escobar — SS Nori Aoki — RF Lorenzo Cain — CF Eric Hosmer — 1B Billy Butler — DH Alex Gordon — LF Salvador Perez — C Mike Moustakas — 3B Omar Infante — 2B (Yordano Ventura… Read More »