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Baseball 2014 preview

Here is a link to my Sunday column. The full text runs below: With the baseball season about to start, let’s talk trends. We’ve been inundated with information about the A’s and Giants. Now it’s time to widen the lens. What are the five key trends in Baseball 2014? Derek Jeter: It’s hard to call a person a trend, but Derek Jeter is a trend. Always has been. He’s also an institution. And he’s the face of baseball. Baseball is… Read More »

How college football players can get paid

Here is a link to my Friday column explaining how the NLRB ruling can help college football players be pros. The full column runs below. Maybe you read that a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board ruled Northwestern University football players have the right to unionize. Maybe you brushed off what you read, didn’t think about the implications. No problem. I’m here to help. Here is one implication — one of many. The ruling says football players at… Read More »

Pay college athletes

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about why colleges should pay football and basketball players. The full column runs below: College football and basketball players should get paid. I’m talking about the top-tier schools, the schools that appear on television all the time, the schools that earn millions from the labor of their so-called student-athletes, the schools that pay their coaches big salaries — sometimes in the millions — the schools that preach the virtue of amateurism so… Read More »

95.7 The Game hires Damon Bruce. Ugh!!!!

Here is a link to my Thursday column about radio sports talker Damon Bruce. The full column runs below: The new FM all-sports radio station, 95.7 The Game, just made a desperate move, a sad move. Its management hired Damon Bruce for its crucial 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. slot — drive time — and let three good people go. It is not my habit to write about negligible people like Bruce. I avoid the negligible — negligible insight, negligible… Read More »

Wolf of Wall Street

Went to the  movies in Berkeley today to see Wolf of Wall Street. The Oscars are starting soon and I had not seen that movie. I give it a “B.” Interesting premise. Interesting to look at. Way too long. Leonardo DiCaprio was adequate. I can imagine some actors doing better. I don’t think this film should win the Oscar but you never know. FYI, I went to the movies by myself. I like to do that. I started out as… Read More »

Lowell at spring training

Just arrived in Arizona for six days covering spring training. It’s in the low 80s and dry and tomorrow I talk to ballplayers and this is the life. I think this is spring training No. 34 for me, although I may have lost track. Grant is with me and this is his third. Who has a better ballclub, the A’s or Giants? I lean toward the A’s.

Sid Caesar died

Sid Caesar died. He was a comic genius in the early days of TV. I loved Sid Caesar. Go on YouTube and watch two of his skits, “The German General,” and “This is Your Story.” God love you, Sid.

Michael Sam comes out

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Michael Sam. The full text appears below: We want to praise Michael Sam, who openly stated to the world he is gay. He is a football player, a good football player at the University of Missouri, and he recently went public with his sexual orientation three months before the NFL draft. So, yes, we want to praise him. But what are we praising him for? The answer — or answers —… Read More »