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Thinking about Caitlyn Jenner

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Caitlyn Jenner. The full text runs below: Bruce Jenner stood there unable to speak. Unable to explain. It was 1975, a year before Bruce won the Olympic decathlon in Montreal, but track fans already knew he was the best decathlete in the world, the best athlete on the planet. I was interviewing Bruce in his tiny apartment in San Jose overlooking the track at San Jose City College. Bruce could have… Read More »

Black Bass Hotel

Sometimes reality slams you in the face. When I went to Lafayette College in the 1960s I longed to eat at the Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville, Pennsylvania. It’s in a gorgeous old building on the Delaware River, and I used to drive past it on my way to Philly. I never could afford to eat at the Black Bass but told myself I would some day when I was grown up and had money. Last week, I was visiting… Read More »

British slang

Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I watch British mysteries on KQED and KQED plus. I notice the characters use words I don’t know, often as put-downs of people. Here is a partial list. Can you can give me the meanings? I’m not even sure I’m spelling them right. A punter. A tosser. A wanker. A sod. Can you think of others? I write my first post-vacation column Monday for Tuesday.  

Oakland A’s are disgusting

The A’s traded pitcher Scott Kazmir today. They are giving up on this season and, as usual, preparing for a future that never will come. They have no idea of keeping players and building a team like the Giants who recently won 3 world series. Just disgusting what the A’s have become.

Weekly Planners

This is about weekly planner books — this is the stuff I think about on vacation. Forgive me. For decades, I have used Letts of London books. They are stylish, good-looking and fit easily into my computer bag. I like books. I don’t like keeping my schedule on my phone or computer. I’m old. I trust books and hand-written items. Plus my schedule is complicated. Anyway, I use Letts 30X model. I like the configuration of each week in the… Read More »

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Went to Oregon Shakespeare Festival with Mrs. Cohn Zohn — an annual for us. We love Ashland and we love the plays most of which, by the way, are not Shakespeare. We saw 4 plays. This is what we saw and a grade for ¬†each production. Count of Monte Cristo — B. (B was a very high grade at Lafayette College where I went as an undergraduate.) Guys and Dolls — A. Much Ado About Nothing — A-minus. Secret Love… Read More »

The sprig part II

OK, here’s something else. At the late breakfast where I got the sprig, the server took our order by saying, “What are we having today?” I have two questions for you: 1) Why did he use “we” when “you” would have been more accurate? I mean, he was not eating with us. But by saying we he was trying to accomplish something. I don’t know what. 2) Why did he say “today?” Obviously we were eating today — not tomorrow… Read More »

The sprig

Went out for a late breakfast today with Mrs. Cohn Zohn. And yes I’m on vacation and have a late breakfast. I ordered a ham and cheddar omelet. It came with a sprig of green something. I’ve seen the sprig before. What is it and what is it for?