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Mark Cuban wrong about college hoops

I respect Mark Cuban. He is an independent voice and he is smart and refreshingly honest. He takes chances in what he says and sometimes he’s all wet. It comes with being a brave guy. I really disagree with what he said about college hoops. He said college basketball is hurting NBA ball. He said they play the wrong style of hoops in college and that hurts the pros. He may be right, but he’s still wrong. College ball is… Read More »


Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I go to a new restaurant in the Oakland Hills, the Growlers Arms, an English Country restaurant. Just great. I love the food and the room and I always order a decaf after dinner. They bring the coffee and cubes of brown sugar. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, the old men on Avenue M, the old men from the old country, drank their coffee with a sugar cube in their mouth, drank the coffee… Read More »

Sandy Alderson book

Sandy Alderson is among the most interesting people I’ve met and covered. He is cool, hot, calm, excitable, very smart, funny and serious. Steve Kettmann, my former colleague at the Chronicle, just came out with “Baseball Maverick,” a book which captures all of Sandy’s complexity. It is a rollicking, fascinating read. It tells how Sandy was a Marine in Viet Nam. Hey, he even was pictured in a Marine poster.  It tells how Sandy got into baseball with the A’s… Read More »

Lowell spring training update

I told you I’m writing who is the face of the A’s franchise for Saturday. Scratch that. I’m audibilizing. I’ll write face of the franchise for Sunday no matter what. Hey, this is daily journalism and things change. For Saturday I will write either Peavy or Cain. Got that. Any ideas on who is the face of the A’s franchise. feel free to write me.

Greatness of Giants bullpen

Here is a link to my Friday column about the core of the Giants bullpen. The full text runs below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The constant in the Giants’ greatness is the bullpen. OK, call it one of the constants. Bruce Bochy is constant and Brian Sabean is constant and Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are constants and there are others. But the bullpen, the core of the bullpen, has remained constant and illustrious for three world championships. The bullpen constant… Read More »

Sizing up the competition — San Diego Padres

On Thursday, I drove to Peoria to eyeball the San Diego Padres.  They are the most improved team in the NL West and could challenge the Giants and Dodgers for supremacy in the division. When I got there, they were conducting a catcher’s drill. A coach would load two balls into a machine and the machine would shoot the balls high into the air – like a popup to the catcher in a game. The catcher had to catch one… Read More »

A’s and Giants on one day

Things are easy in Arizona for a sportswriter. I got up early and went to the A’s balpark where I interviewed some players. Then I drove to the A’s workout complex — a short drive — for Bob Melvin’s media session. Then I drove to Scottsdale for Bruce Bochy’s media session and after that I interviewed Jeremy Affeldt, among the best interviews on Earth. I probably will write my Affeldt column for Friday. I’m back at the hotel busily writing… Read More »

Spring impressions

Bruce Bochy conducted a post-workout news conference in the home dugout at Scottsdale Stadium. He sat on the bench and dozens of media people crowded around him. He had stents put in a few days ago and, although he is fine, there are hollows under his eyes and hollows on his cheeks. What he went through wasn’t like visiting the dentist. He was in a good mood, obviously happy to be doing what he does. Hunter Pence was in one… Read More »

Lowell does spring training

My son Grant and I flew into the Valley of the Sun Monday night, picked up our rental car and drove to our hotel in Mesa. I never have stayed in Mesa before for spring training but the A’s moved to Mesa and the hotel is a few blocks away from the ballpark. Heaven. We ate Monday dinner at Lon’s at the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley. We always have our first meal there. It’s one of our favorite restaurants… Read More »

When I rode the Giants’ bus

Here is a link to my Thursday column. It’s about when I rode the Giants’ team bus as a rookie writer. The full text runs below: I didn’t know it was a mistake to ride the players’ bus. 1980. My first year covering the San Francisco Giants. Not an especially good team. Not an especially good year. They were in New York to play the Mets. I stayed at the team hotel in Manhattan. It was a rookie move to… Read More »