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Mike Tyson autobiography

This is about Mike Tyson, but I’ll start out with Charles Dickens. I am not a Dickens person — at universities they’re called Dickensians. In every Dickens novel too much crummy stuff mixes with the good stuff, for my taste. So I’m rereading Bleak House and keep begging Dickens to get on with it, and then I switched to Tyson’s autobiography, one hell of a book. It’s called Undisputed Truth. My friend Lawrence Epstein recommended it to me — Lawrence… Read More »

Why winning is good

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: Winning is underrated. Sure, it’s nice when a team wins, great when teams like the Warriors and Giants win championships, and there’s the parade and fan happiness and franchise glory. All that is great, but it’s limited. And, frankly, there’s more. Remember this. Big-time pro sports aren’t only about winning. They are about growing a business. And then growing it more. For today’s column, I compare every… Read More »

Criticizing Lowell based on old age

I have been writing strident articles lately about the 49ers. Some people don’t like them and some of those people write me personal emails or tweets calling me an old hack — I’m not sure what a hack is — and telling me I’m not a good writer or thinker anymore because I am old and that I should retire. I am old. It’s true. On Nov.1 I turned 70 and that is a very big number I’m still wrapping… Read More »

Morning cup of joe

I love waking up in the morning and brewing my cup of coffee — usually Peets French Roast or Cafe Domingo. I brew one cup pouring the hot water through a filter containing the ground-up coffee. I’ve come to love the smell as it wafts through the house. Then I read the paper starting with The Press Democrat sports section online to see what my son Grant wrote and Phil Barber and Kerry Benefield and Lori Carter, and then I… Read More »

My Kaepernick comments and internet wackiness

This morning I posted this tweet: “Kaepernick one of the most arrogant, rude athletes I ever covered in 35 years.” It is a true statement as far as my interaction with Kap goes. Other journalists find him rude and arrogant, believe me. I wrote the tweet because Kap’s time in SF/Santa Clara is coming to an end and I wanted to express my feelings — feelings I have expressed many  times before. Well, you should have seen the frenzy on… Read More »

Matt Cain sort of apologizes

The Chron published an article on the biggest water guzzlers, swillers in the East Bay. Matt Cain and Adonal Foyle made the list. The Chron wrote about them using a subhead “Foyle, Cain Contrite.”  According to the Chron, Foyle took questioners on a tour of his grounds and showed how he’s cutting his water use. He certainly seemed contrite. Cain used another strategy. He issued a statement through his agent. He said he takes water conservation seriously and will cut… Read More »

Introducing the Cubs Joe Maddon

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Joe Maddon. The full text runs below: Things you need to know about Joe Maddon. He has the power-hitting Cubs playing for the National League pennant — the National League Championship Series starts on Saturday against either the Mets or Dodgers. And isn’t that a hoot? The Cubs. Maddon came into this season, his first in Chicago, with expectations higher than usual, but nothing like this. Ninety-seven wins — up from… Read More »

email problems

Having trouble with PD email. If you write to me, try writing into this blog or twitter or lacohn@aol.com. Will get it fixed Tuesday, Oct. 20, going to Santa Rosa for editorial meetings which means lunch with my editor, great guy named Jim Barger.