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Fan’s guide to NFC championship game (Grant article)

I am linking to a Grant article and this one I really enjoy doing. Bill Pinella, our editor at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, asked Grant, this morning, to write a fan’s guide to the NFC championship game coming up on Sunday. Grant leaped into the project in a way he never, frankly, leaped into most of his courses at UCLA — he was a good student — and he came up with something informative and clever. I am having… Read More »

49ers — wow

It’s about time we agree the 49ers are for real — to go into that stadium in Detroit and keep their composure and beat that very good Lions team, well that’s impressive. The Niners won with defense but they also ran against the Lions and Alex Smith threw the winning touchdown in a great pressure moment. Jim Harbaugh obviously has made a tremendous difference and this season only will get more interesting. I’m at the Raiders game — back at… Read More »

Where 49ers go from here

Matt Maiocco raises the key point about the 49ers in his blog. It’s true they played very well against the Saints, but they lost. A loss is a loss is a loss. They are 0-2 but their record gives hope if they can live up to the hope. They must go into Kansas City and win. If they lose, they are just another 0-3 team with diminishing hope. Matt points out so much depends on how they respond to the… Read More »

Can 49ers win NFC West?

Sorry about the delay but I’m finally posting my Tuesday column which I wrote at the 49er/Saints game Monday night. Thrilling game. In the column I discuss the Niners’ three main protagonists — Mike Singletary, Alex Smith and Jimmy Raye, with a note about Frank Gore. And I address the key question: Can the San Francisco 49ers, currently 0-2, win the NFC West as most people predicted they would. To read the column click here.

49ers: worst case scenario

Let’s forget about headsets and playcalling and Mike Singletary and Alex Smith and Jimmy Raye — let’s forget about all of that for a moment and talk bitter reality. By losing to Seattle the Niners opened up the possibility they stink and they opened up the possibility this season could be over just as it begins. They are 0-1 when they should have been 1-0. Call me kooky but I don’t see them beating the Super Bowl champ Saints on… Read More »

49er grades

Eric Branch is sitting next to me during a timeout and he’s beginning to think about his 49er grades. I don’t do grades but if I did I’d give these 3. Alex Smith — D Jimmy Raye — D Mike Singletary — F Do you agree. If not, please say why

More Niners

Another quickie during a timeout. The Niners are behind, sure, but they are showing zero ability to catch up. Their offense is so limited and its scope is so small. There’s a quarter left. Can they do anything to give themselves momentum going forward?

Enter the Niners

The 49ers just marched onto the field. They came in several rows and as they walked they locked arms. It was Mike Singletary’s idea and it meant, “We are together and this is a business trip.”