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Cohn column on Tejada, Rowand, Zito etc.

The Press Democrat has posted my column about the player carnage today at AT&T Park. This was one of the most interesting days I have ever experienced covering the Giants. I participated in group interviews of Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy before the game and afterwards I was there when Mark DeRosa gave us his always interesting perspective on why the team had to do what it did with Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand. To find out what happened and… Read More »

DeRosa on Rowand and Tejada

Here is Mark DeRosa, speaking after the game, on the dumpage of Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand. I quote DeRosa because, although he is not a key member of the Giants, he is a key spokesman. Every team has one of those guys – a designated talker who articulately puts things in perspective. Here goes. What message does the dumpage give the team? Something had to be done. That’s not to say it falls on Miggy or Aaron. I just… Read More »

Big changes on Giants — wow

At 10:30 this morning, Aaron Rowand was clearing out his locker. Miguel Tejada already had attended to that chore. The Giants had just informed them that they are no longer part of the team — they are being designated for assignment. In their place the Giants are bringing back Pat Burrell from the disabled list and are promoting first baseman Brett Pill from Triple-A. These are Pill’s numbers from Fresno this season. Batting average: .312; homers: 25; RBIs: 107. The… Read More »

Giants can’t hit and you know it

Here’s a new bulletin. The Giants can’t hit, they really can’t. I sat in the press box on Saturday and endured their third straight loss to the Phillies and watched them score one run and lose 2-1. If they could hit at all they would have won. But they can’t and they didn’t. So I wrote my Sunday column about this hitting problem which has caused them to lose eight of the most recent nine games. To read my column… Read More »

The trouble with the Giants and how to fix it

We’re only four games into the 2011 season and the Giants already have a big problem. Their outfield is subpar defensively — two of their outfielders can barely track down balls. You don’t stay world champions if you can’t catch the ball. Also troubling is Miguel Tejada at shortstop, or haven’t you noticed? I wrote my Tuesday column about the Giants bad fielding and what to do about it right now. To read the column click here.

Two Giants questions

As I sit here at my desk watching the rain fall, I have two Giants questions. I go to Arizona on Wednesday and I’m thinking baseball. 1. Will Aaron Rowand have an impact on the team this season? That question may make you laugh — he got pushed aside in 2010. And it’s possible he’ll get traded as the Giants have lots of outfielders. But if he stays things can happen. Andres Torres could get hurt. Andres Torres could cool… Read More »

Rowand in, Zito ?????

Bruce Bochy just said quite forcefully Aaron Rowand is on the postseason roster. Asked about Barry Zito, Bochy said his starting pitchers are: Game 1: Tim Lincecum Game 2: Matt Cain Game 3: Jonathan Sanchez Game 4: Madison Bumgarner or Tim Lincecum Notice which name he omitted — Zito. So we know the $18.5 million man has no starts vs. Atlanta. Bochy also said he needs to talk to Zito now and will have something to tell us afterward. My… Read More »

Zito, Rowand off postseason roster?????

Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand earn a combined $30.5 million this season. Keep that number in mind. Neither has done much for the Giants this season. Keep that in mind, too. Do you think the Giants will keep them on the roster for the series vs. the Braves? Before I give my opinion on that one, I’ll say what I think the Giants should do. They should exclude them from the roster for the Division Series. They need Edgar Renteria… Read More »

Rowand’s revenge

Aaron Rowand just hit a home run to straightaway center off Vicente Padilla, the guy who cracked his head with a beanball. That’s the sweetest revenge. Bruce Bochy had Rowand lead off today. I like that. He was telling Rowand — maybe without actually saying it — “This guy hurt you. Go out and get him.” And that’s what Rowand did.