Jim Harbaugh on AJ Jenkins, and rhetorical analysis

Here is an exchange that took place Wednesday between Jim Harbaugh and reporters courtesy of 49ers public relations: Getting back to Baldwin, is it realistic he could step up and win that number two receiver spot by the first game given how short his time has been here, to get [...]

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49ers trade bust AJ Jenkins

The 49ers this morning traded AJ Jenkins to the Chiefs for wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin -- the Niners' bust for the Chiefs' bust. All along Grant and I have been writing that Jenkins is not good and would not work out with the 49ers. This trade, I must say, proves [...]

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49ers must cut AJ Jenkins

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about A.J. Jenkins: The 49ers need to cut A.J. Jenkins. Or put it another way. If the 49ers are serious about putting the best team on the field Sept. 8 against Green Bay, Jenkins will not be part of the team. This [...]

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Mario Manningham is done

I just woke up from my latest nap to read that Mario Manningham is out for the season and playoffs. This means the Niners are depleted at wide receiver. They couldn't have known they would need one at the time, but too bad they didn't choose a wide receiver with [...]

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James and Jenkins active, Jacobs not so active

Brandon Jacobs is not active for today's 49ers game. Trent Baalka (aka Zaalke) didn't pick well when he signed Jacobs. On the other hand, Baalke's two big-deal draft picks are active -- AJ Jenkins and LaMichael James. This is Baalke's chance to show he chose wisely and well.

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Which 49ers receivers are good?

Mario Manningham won't play Sunday against the Fish. (I loved writing Fish.) So, who are the Niners receivers and are they good? Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree are good. That leaves Delanie Walker, Randy Moss, Ted Ginn and A.J. Jenkins. Are any of them good? Please rank them one through [...]

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A.J. Jenkins inactive for Lions game

I just want to point something out. The 49ers announced their inactives for today's game and AJ Jenkins is one of them. I mean, he was the team's first-round draft pick and he's inactive the second game. I find that peculiar. I know readers get sore at me when I [...]

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Why people discuss AJ Jenkins

There's been discussion of AJ Jenkins since training camp started, lots of it. Jim Harbaugh even got into the act, and I'll get back to Jim in a minute. Reporters at camp -- I'm not there because I'm on vacation -- well, camp reporters from the major outlets just about [...]

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