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Aldon Smith and caution

Lots of people are dumping on Aldon Smith right now, saying he’s a bad guy and the Niners need to dump him. Maybe that’s true and maybe that’s what will happen. But be cautious. We know very little about what he did and said at LAX today. As far as I know he’s not been arrested. Has he? I’m reading he said he had a bomb. Is that a fact? Did he literally say “I have a bomb?” Or did… Read More »

Fan hypocrisy

Sometimes fans can be hypocrites. So many fans have supported Aldon Smith and gushed with empathy for him. This is a guy who shot off illegal guns and got drunk and drove into a tree. OK, fine show sympathy. Some of the same fans are down on Jonathan Martin, call him a Mama’s boy, a spoiled Stanford kid. Martin did nothing wrong, didn’t break the law. He got bullied and told about it. Somehow that makes him the villain, makes… Read More »

In fairness to Jim Harbaugh

There has been stuff on the internet that Jim Harbaugh questioned the motives of anyone who disagreed with him about playing Aldon Smith last Sunday. I, of course, disagreed with him about playing Smith. Anyway, Harbaugh made his remarks this morning on radio. I listened to the broadcast and, as far as I could discern, he did not say what he’s reputed to have said. To the best of my hearing — not so good, by the way — he… Read More »

Lowell responds re: Aldon Smith

I guess I’m argumentative this morning, so please bear with me. Many of you have written to the blog or my email disagreeing with my column, disagreeing specifically with my assertion the Niners never should have played Aldon Smith on Sunday. Some of you said it was the best thing for him to play. Some of you said I should get off my moral high horse. All of you were polite and I appreciate that. I hope you think what… Read More »

I really disagree with Jed York

After the 49ers lost to the Colts yesterday, Jed York spoke to the media about Aldon Smith and why the team played him. “I don’t know that there’s a right decision in this situation,” he said. Wrong. There is a right decision if you want to make the right decision, if you actually care enough to take the time to think it through, if making the right decision matters to you. The decision to play Smith was blatantly wrong. It… Read More »

Aldon Smith to get help

I keep reading and hearing from national media that the 49ers want Aldon Smith to get help — I guess for his drinking problem, not for his shooting problem. The national media is spinning this story favorably to the 49ers. I look at it a little differently. If the Niners are so vitally concerned Smith should get help they would have sent him wherever he needs to go on Friday. Why wait until Monday? He needs help immediately, not after… Read More »

Aldon Smith to play

Jim Harbaugh said today he expects Aldon Smith to play on Sunday. He also said discipline in these matters is up to the league. I wrote earlier Smith crashed on his way to practice. I want to amend that. I think he was on his way to practice at 7:00 a.m. I mean, where else would he being going? But who knows, he might have been sightseeing. Does Aldon Smith qualify as a role model?

Which 49ers are below reproach?

Jim Harbaugh stated a worthy goal. He wants his players to be above reproach. And the vast majority of 49ers are way above reproach. Aldon Smith’s arrest this morning for an alleged DUI makes you wonder about him. So, merely in the interest of keeping score, here are two 49ers who may not be above reproach. They may, in fact, be below reproach: Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks. Your thoughts?

Aldon Smith arrested

According to CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, 49er Aldon Smith was arrested this morning at 7:00 a.m. on a DUI after he crashed his car. Drunk at seven in the morning? Is this a way to prepare for the Colts? If this is true, Smith seems to have lots of problems. Smith’s name has been coming up lately in news reports for all the wrong reasons.