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At least 15 quarterbacks who would improve 49ers right now

I woke up with an idea buzzing around my head. How many quarterbacks in the NFL are capable of making the 49ers offense better than it is with Alex Smith in charge? And who are they? Here are 15 off the top of my head – i.e. almost half the starters in the league in sort of an order: Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Tom Brady Peyton Manning Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger Tony Romo Philip Rivers Cam Newton Andrew Luck Matthew… Read More »

Fleener to Colts

The Colts just took Coby Fleener, reuniting him with Andrew Luck. He was Luck’s favorite receiver at Stanford. You would have to say the Colts are having a monster draft. They needed one. I keep getting hung up on Trent Baalke slipping AJ Jenkins’ name in an envelope. No trick there. No one but the Niners would have taken Jenkins in Round 1, so Baalke had to know Jenkins would be available and he’d seem like a genius with the… Read More »

Draft Day Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a move that completely shocked the NFL, America and the world, the Indianapolis Colts kicked off the NFL draft by surprisingly selecting QB Andrew Luck. Little is known about Luck who had a fairly productive career at a small West Coast college called Leland Stanford Junior University. Luck didn’t even get to play at a four-year college. But the Colts must have seen something in him. This is an embarrassing day for the NFL and the draft. One can… Read More »

Phil Simms wrong about Andrew Luck

Phil Simms is an opinionated football analyst. And for that I appreciate him. Recently, he said Andrew Luck does not make big time NFL throws and he questioned Luck’s arm strength. I happen to disagree with these Simms opinions. I’ve seen Luck play a lot and he has a big time arm and he makes big time throws. I mean, duh? He probably doesn’t throw as hard as Brett Favre threw. So what? Neither did Joe Montana. He probably doesn’t… Read More »

Stanford almost out of Luck

Stanford absolutely murdered Washington tonight, and Washington is allegedly a good team. The zany thing is Stanford did it mostly with defense and by running the ball. Andrew Luck, as great as he is, was kind of a spectator. That’s how balanced Stanford is. Anyway, that’s why I came up with the headline almost out of Luck. It means they hardly needed Luck (Andrew) to beat the Huskies. I’m going to bed now — came down with a cold in… Read More »

Andrew Luck speaks for himself

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Friday column on Andrew Luck. Luck and Stanford, as you know, start the current season on Saturday against San Jose State. Luck is a great college quarterback and an interesting guy. I interviewed him in a group setting at the Bay Area College Football media event. I mostly let Luck speak for himself in this column because he is interesting and has lots to say. To read the piece click here.

Will Andrew Luck win Heisman

It’s early afternoon here in Paradise. I was trolling the net and happened to come upon Grant’s latest effort for ComcastSportsNet BayArea. He asks a simple question. Will Stanford’s Andrew Luck win the Heisman Trophy next season? He has a simple answer: No. I didn’t know Grant was writing this and I find his argument interesting and controversial. I share it with you now — me lounging in Paradise and you doing whatever you’re doing wherever you’re doing it. To… Read More »

Andrew Luck stays at Stanford

Stanford announced Andrew Luck will stay in school — he won’t leave for the NFL. Fascinating. I don’t believe this means Jim Harbaugh will reconsider and stay at Stanford. I think it means Luck and Harbaugh are separate items. Luck wants his degree — remember, he’s a Stanford student and he may like school. Wonderful for him. We’ll learn some stuff next year. Like who was more important to the Cardinal football team, the QB or the coach.

Orange Bowl impressions

The Orange Bowl isn’t quite over, but come on. So here are some random thoughts. Jim Harbaugh didn’t do anything tonight to hurt his chances as a future NFL coach if that’s what he wants. His offense is so much more interesting than the 49ers’. It’s like the Niners were the college team and Stanford was the pro team. Comparing Harbaugh to Mike Singletary is a joke. Andrew Luck is everything we imagined.  He is the best college QB I’ve… Read More »