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Anthony Davis should be ashamed

Anthony Davis has very bad manners. Anthony Davis plays right tackle for the 49ers who stayed in Appleton, Wisconsin in preparation for today’s game in Green Bay. I happen to be staying in Appleton. Davis used ugly words to describe Appleton in his tweets, to write off an entire community. I can’t write those words but I’m giving you a link to them right here. I don’t have an opinion about Appleton as a location. I haven’t spent enough time… Read More »

Grant Cohn upsets Anthony Davis

It has come to my attention that Grant Cohn, my son, has upset Niners offensive tackle Anthony Davis. Radnich and Krueger were talking about it this morning on KNBR. This upsetting of Davis is a serious matter. Grant wrote a blog on Thursday from practice and Davis took offense and fired off several tweets criticizing Grant. Davis subsequently removed the tweets — I can’t imagine why. But I take this matter of Cohn vs. Davis very seriously. I told Grant… Read More »