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Aubrey Huff opens up

You’ve probably read this by now, Henry Schulman’s excellent interview with Aubrey Huff in which Huff opens up about the anxiety attacks which caused him to leave the Giants and subsequently got him placed on the disabled list — he is due to come off the DL on Monday. I praise Henry for the way he handled this sensitive material and for gaining Huff’s confidence that he, Henry, would write this in the correct way — and he did. I… Read More »

Statement from Aubrey Huff

The Giants just issued this statement from Aubrey Huff: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       April 27, 2012                                                                                                                                       Statement from Aubrey Huff “Thank you to the fans, media and Giants organization for the outpouring of support during this very difficult week. I’m especially grateful for the texts and calls from my teammates, who are like my brothers and have let me know they’re here for me.  My goal is to get back on the field as soon as possible. To do that,… Read More »

Aubrey Huff has anxiety

It is sad that Aubrey Huff has anxiety and has to go on the 15-day DL and is unable to play baseball — which is his job. I feel great compassion for anyone dealing with anxiety. I have more to say on Huff, however, and I will try to be as sensitive to him as possible. When he left the team unexpectedly, he allegedly texted Bruce Bochy saying he had a family emergency. Now that the Giants are telling us… Read More »

Aubrey Huff’s strange play

I admit I did not watch the Giants game closely on TV. Our water heater went out and then our fridge went out and it was total chaos in the Cohn Zohn. What I thought I saw in the bottom of the ninth was Aubrey Huff, who was playing second base, run the wrong way on a potential double play ball — and instead of a DP the Giants got no outs and eventually lost the game. Did I see… Read More »

Return of Aubrey Huff? Maybe

Aubrey Huff was awful last season. This we know. Before today’s game Bruce Bochy told me Huff has a better attitude this season. Bochy mostly spoke about Huff starting the season in better shape. And that’s true. So far, this game he’s hit two balls hard. But there’s something else about his attitude. After Barry Zito pitched his shoutout in Denver, Huff invited the Giants players to dinner — they had an off day the next day. About half the… Read More »

Was Aubrey Huff a slacker?

According to what I read this morning in the papers, Brian Sabean wasn’t thrilled with Aubrey Huff. Sabean indicated that in his season post morten presser on Thursday. It seems Huff didn’t train hard enough in the offseason after the Giants won the World Series. He sure should have worked hard in the offseason. He had just signed a two-year deal for $22 million and for that dough you put in the extra time. So, what I’m hearing, is his… Read More »

Will Huff start 5 or more games?

Last night on Comcast Greg Papa gave the panel an over/under. I just love that game over/under. The number was five and we were debating over/under on Aubrey Huff’s starts the remainder of the season — over/under 5. The panel was me, Scott Ostler and Ray Ratto. We all said over. Sure, there’s thinking Bruce Bochy may want to start Pill or Belt to see what the young guys can do. But we said no way. Our reasons: Bochy must… Read More »

The necessity of Aubrey Huff

We forget that Aubrey Huff is necessary to the Giants. We forget because he’s largely been absent this season — he’ s hardly contributed. But he did contribute on Tuesday night and that reminds us what he used to do. Face it, the Giants need one more hitter to actually hit. They need to score runs. And even though their pitching is great, their pitchers always seem to be under pressure to be perfect because they know the team doesn’t… Read More »

Aubrey Huff, sort of

Something else from Marty Lurie’s show. He said if Aubrey Huff keeps hitting this poorly the Giants will need to get a veteran first baseman from the waver wire. I agree. How can the Giants go into the postseason — if they go into the postseason — with a first baseman who doesn’t hit and who doesn’t hit with power? First base is a power position. I do not believe the Giants would replace Huff with Brandon Belt. This isn’t… Read More »