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Barry Bonds, batting coach

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Barry Bonds. The full text appears below: The Giants have invited Barry Bonds to be a batting instructor for a week in spring training. This is controversial news for reasons I don’t need to explain, but before I get started, here’s where I stand on Bonds the person — just so you’ll know. Bonds is the most unpleasant baseball player I ever covered. There could be somebody else. I’m blanking on… Read More »

Major League Baseball goes after the bad guys

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Baseball’s latest attempt to suspend drug cheaters: Major League Baseball is trying to get the bad guys. Good for Major League Baseball. By the bad guys, I don’t mean crooks or murderers or spies, nothing as sinister as that. I’m talking about the drug-cheating liars who are messing up the national pastime. Some are repeat cheaters. Some are the biggest names in baseball. They are bad guys. To read the entire… Read More »

A further further note on Barry Bonds

I’ve been reading the comments on my blog about Barry Bonds and I’ve been reading lots of other stuff and I’ve been listening to the radio. One theme emerges: There is something wrong with the voting for the Hall of Fame. And the thing that is wrong is the voters. Sports writers are lousing everything up. That may indeed be the case. I never asked to be a voter. The job comes with being a baseball writer. I do my… Read More »

Barry Bonds — a note

Some readers of this blog — and some sports fans in general — have expressed outrage that Barry Bonds flopped on his first Hall of Fame ballot. Bruce Jenkins of the Chron said the Hall of Fame is ludicrous without Bonds. I didn’t vote for Bonds. I don’t feel ludicrous. I don’t think the voters are ludicrous. I didn’t vote for Bonds because I don’t want to condone cheating. I do not vote for cheaters and I believe Bonds was… Read More »

No on Sosa, Clemens and Bonds

I wrote a column for Sunday on how I will vote this year for three baseball players in particular on the Hall of Fame ballot. Here is the opening to my column: I am looking at three names on baseball’s Hall of Fame ballot, recently mailed to me. The three names are Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa. Those three names fill me with varying degrees of disgust. I will not vote for any of them. I dismiss all… Read More »

Barry Bonds and the Hall of Fame yet again

Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I just arrived at our rental house in Sea Ranch. I was not thinking of Barry Bonds as I unpacked the car. Mrs. Cohn Zohn made us two cups of tea and she started reading the paper so I fired up my computer and there was an article about Bonds. The man refuses to go away or hide under a rock. Barry Bloom from mlb.com interviewed Bonds. Barry Bloom is a dear friend of mine going… Read More »

Barry Bonds, charmer

Here is the opening to my Monday column about Barry Bonds: SAN FRANCISCO — I don’t like Barry Bonds. I need to admit that up front. You may want to be skeptical of what I write. Bonds came to AT&T Park on Sunday as part of the 2002 team that lost the World Series to the Angels in seven games. Most of the players attended the media half-hour in a big white tent. With about 10 minutes left in the… Read More »