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Why is Barry Zito still a Giant?

Why is Barry Zito still a Giant? He can’t pitch as a starter and he can’t pitch as a reliever. He just can’t pitch. Let the Giants pay him off for the rest of the season and let them pick up his $7 million severance for next season and cut him right now and wish him a good life. He’s had a good life so far. The Giants should start pitching young guys, whoever they are.

Barry Zito pitches well after dad’s death

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Barry Zito: SAN FRANCISO — A half hour before Saturday’s game against the Marlins, Barry Zito was getting ready for a day’s work. He stood on the grass in left field and short-tossed with Buster Posey who stood at the foul line. As Zito limbered his arm, he moved deep into center field and after a while he was throwing the ball 200 feet to Posey. He was a man getting… Read More »

Who is essential to Giants’ future?

Here is the opening to my Sunday column. It explores the Barry Zito never-ending dilemma and then asks who is absolutely essential to the future of the Giants: Barry Zito has got to go. He may pitch OK on Monday night at home against the Padres. He does pretty well at home, but teams routinely beat his brains out on the road. In his previous start, he gave up eight earned runs in 4» innings in Pittsburgh. You watch this… Read More »

Giants’ pitching woes

Here is the opening to my Friday column about Giants’ starting pitching: SAN FRANCISCO – You can read these words on the Giants’ post-game notes from their 5-2 win on Thursday, breaking a three-game losing streak to the A’s: “Barry Zito threw 6.0 quality innings, allowing just one run on three hits.” It’s the phrase “quality start” that causes a frog the size of a hippo to form in your throat. Quality start, seriously? Well, sure, technically it was quality.… Read More »

Zito dominant

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Barry Zito shutting out the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday: SAN FRANCISCO Change Barry Zito’s name to Barry Zero. Zero has a good ring to it and it’s appropriate because Zito/Zero has given up, get this, no runs in two starts this season, as in zero, as in 0.00 earned run average. As in zilch. Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum wish they could change their names to Zero. But they can’t. Here… Read More »

Celebrate Zito

Here is the opening to my column about Barry Zito’s stellar performance in Game 5 of the NLCS: ST. LOUIS It’s because of Barry Zito this series is moving back to San Francisco. It’s because of Zito there’s still a series to move. Take a moment to celebrate Zito. He had to win Game 5 of this NLCS, hard enough when he was pitching against the Cardinals in St. Louis. But he didn’t merely win. He pitched 7» innings of… Read More »