Why is Barry Zito still a Giant?

Why is Barry Zito still a Giant? He can't pitch as a starter and he can't pitch as a reliever. He just can't pitch. Let the Giants pay him off for the rest of the season and let them pick up his $7 million severance for next season and cut [...]

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Barry Zito awfulness

The Giants should designate Zito for assignment or just release him outright.

By | July 30th, 2013|12 Comments

Barry Zito pitches well after dad’s death

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Barry Zito: SAN FRANCISO -- A half hour before Saturday’s game against the Marlins, Barry Zito was getting ready for a day’s work. He stood on the grass in left field and short-tossed with Buster Posey who stood at the foul [...]

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Who is essential to Giants’ future?

Here is the opening to my Sunday column. It explores the Barry Zito never-ending dilemma and then asks who is absolutely essential to the future of the Giants: Barry Zito has got to go. He may pitch OK on Monday night at home against the Padres. He does pretty well [...]

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Giants’ pitching woes

Here is the opening to my Friday column about Giants' starting pitching: SAN FRANCISCO - You can read these words on the Giants’ post-game notes from their 5-2 win on Thursday, breaking a three-game losing streak to the A’s: “Barry Zito threw 6.0 quality innings, allowing just one run on [...]

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Zito dominant

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Barry Zito shutting out the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday: SAN FRANCISCO Change Barry Zito's name to Barry Zero. Zero has a good ring to it and it's appropriate because Zito/Zero has given up, get this, no runs in two starts this [...]

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Celebrate Zito

Here is the opening to my column about Barry Zito's stellar performance in Game 5 of the NLCS: ST. LOUIS It's because of Barry Zito this series is moving back to San Francisco. It's because of Zito there's still a series to move. Take a moment to celebrate Zito. He [...]

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Barry Zito to start Game 4 — really?

I listened to the top of the first on Cardinals radio. Twice the announcers said Zito will pitch Game 4. Really? I checked with Giants PR. A guy said, "That's news to Boch. He hasn't announced anything yet." That's what I thought.

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Zito note

It just occurred to me the Giants have won Zito's last 12 starts in a row.

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So much for Zito

So much for Zito's big moment. Zito lasted 2 2/3, gave up two runs. Bad. But the Giants lead 3-2.

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