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What David Shaw said about the BCS

They held the annual Big Game luncheon today — I’m writing a column about it right now. All the main characters were there including Stanford coach David Shaw, a witty, alert, engaging, playful, serious, encouraging, smart man in addition to being a very good coach. One writer asked Shaw something about the BCS and deserving — I didn’t hear the whole question but I heard Shaw’s whole answer. Shaw said, “BCS and deserving don’t belong in the same sentence.”

I am against college football playoffs

In this morning’s Oakland Trib Monte Poole made a convincing and eloquent defense of a college football playoff system. I will link to Monte’s article in a moment. His piece got me to thinking. I respectfully disagree with Monte and with everyone who wants playoffs for college football. I’ll do my best to make my case. People who want a playoff system clamor for clarity, the kind you get in the NFL when the system comes down to two teams… Read More »