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What the A’s have to do

Here is a link to my Monday column about the Oakland A’s and Bob Melvin. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — This is a cautionary tale about the Oakland A’s. On Sunday morning before his team lost to the Twins 6-1, A’s manager Bob Melvin sat in his usual place on the dugout bench. It was his pregame news conference. After the beat writers had asked their nuts-and-bolts questions about who was and wasn’t playing, about who was hurt,… Read More »

I humbly disagree with Bob Melvin

Here is a link to my Sunday column. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — I thought Bob Melvin blew it after the top of the eighth inning against the Red Sox on Saturday, a game the A’s won 2-1 in 10. Melvin got thrown out of the game. For no good reason. I wrote what I just wrote with trepidation. Melvin is one of the top managers in baseball. He is a certified great guy. I happily certify his… Read More »

Bob Melvin, emerging superstar

Here is a link to my Monday column about Bob Melvin. The full text runs below: PHOENIX — The Bay Area has two superstar sports managers/coaches. Name them. Bruce Bochy and Jim Harbaugh. No argument allowed in either case. Bochy has won two World Series and will enter the Hall of Fame after he retires. And Harbaugh turned the 49ers from nothing into, once again, the most significant sports franchise in Northern California, perhaps in all of California. Superstars. There… Read More »

Bob Melvin is way superstitious

They just had the pregame media interviews. One writer asked Bob Melvin if Bartolo Colon will start Game 5 if there is a Game 5. Melvin shot back in his chair like someone blasted him in the gut with a Smith and Wesson .38. He looked horrified like Dracula after Dr. Van Helsing whipped out that cross. I mean everyone knows Colon would start a Game 5. But Melvin is so superstitious he won’t even talk about it. It’s a… Read More »

On Bob Melvin and Billy Beane

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Bob Melvin and Billy Beane: You also can read the complete text below By LOWELL COHN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT OAKLAND — It was a bad look for the Oakland A’s. Two outs away from a win against the Angels. Chance to muscle their way closer to clinching the AL West. Two-run homer by Josh Hamilton top of the ninth. Angels tie game. Grant Balfour blown save. Extra innings. A’s lose. Could… Read More »

Bob Melvin on the A’s

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Bob Melvin and the Oakland A’s: PHOENIX Cut to this scene. A’s manager Bob Melvin sits in the dugout at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on a bright morning. He has met with the media in general, a columnist from another paper and now he’s talking to me, one on one. He was American League Manager of the Year in 2012, and after the A’s gave him a four-year extension, he and his… Read More »

Bob Melvin vs. Jim Harbaugh

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column, comparing Bob Melvin and Jim Harbaugh: It all comes down to Jim Harbaugh vs. Bob Melvin, a strange comparison if there ever was one. But, OK, you need to know what I’m talking about, and that involves an explanation of context. Here goes. I spent October on the grand tour of the Midwest with the Giants, and as I killed time in press boxes before playoff games, I asked myself a simple… Read More »

In Praise of Bob Melvin

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column: This is in praise of Bob Melvin. He is doing better with the A’s than just about anyone expected, and that is the mark of a good manager. The preseason talk about the A’s was blunt and brutal. They would lose 90 games, easy. They still may lose 90, but based on what they have done so far, that seems unlikely. They can’t really hit and sometimes they don’t pitch so well,… Read More »