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On Warriors and Andrew Bogut

Stan is agitating for me to write about the Andrew Bogut fiasco. Sure. Happy to do it. I’m in the press box at Stanford Stadium to watch Stanford beat UCLA for the second time in six days, which gives me time to write about the W’s. I was on Comcast yesterday while Kozimor did a live interview with Bob Myers who seemed very nervous. Myers is a good guy and he took all the heat for the whole organization —… Read More »

Bob Myers talks Warriors

Warriors general manager Bob Myers met the media Thursday in a brand new, glass-enclosed conference room at the Warriors downtown Oakland facility. Here is the opening of the column I wrote from our Q & A. I mostly stay out of it and let Myers talk for himself: I don’t figure much in this column. The Warriors made general manager Bob Myers available to the media for an hour Thursday morning. Myers, who often begins an answer with gosh or… Read More »

Sabean vs. all other GMs

When I posted an item praising Brian Sabean yesterday, I knew I’d get some negative response. Fair enough. Some people even wrote that Billy Beane is a better GM and that the Giants winning the World Series under Sabean doesn’t mean all that much. Let’s be clear about this. Winning the World Series means everything. In baseball there is nothing more important. Beane has not won a World Series. That means he has not accomplished what Sabean has. There is… Read More »

Why Bob Myers is Warriors GM

I’ve been pondering the trade that just brought guard Jarrett Jack to the Warriors and I’ve come to some conclusions — mostly this proves Bob Myers is the right GM for the Warriors, at least up to now. He got what the Warriors need — a veteran backup point guard. And Jack is no dud. He actually can play, a good thing if Stephen Curry gets hurt. But this trade means more than just that. It was part of a… Read More »

Bob Myers on the draft and other stuff

I interviewed new Warriors general manager Bob Myers this afternoon. I found him delightful. Here is the opening to my column about him: OAKLAND Last Saturday, Bob Myers went to San Quentin to play hoops with the inmates. When word spread he’s the general manager of the Warriors, the inmates started telling him how to fix the team. One guy yelled, “What’s the plan?” “The plan is to stop losing,” Myers shot back. The inmates, a hard crowd, liked that.… Read More »

Warriors promote Bob Myers

As you know the Warriors promoted Bob Myers to GM and gave Larry Riley other duties. I like Riley and hope he’s OK. I don’t know Myers but assume he’ll be very good. I applaud Joe Lacob for taking decisive action. This is his MO to wait around, evaluate and act. Good. It has not translated into a good team but I assume it will at some point.