I am troubled about Brandon Jacobs

I am troubled about Brandon Jacobs, troubled how the Niners squashed him, troubled about the quotes I read from Ray McDonald today. When asked about Jacobs, he seemed afraid to answer. I could be reading into it. I wasn't there. I'm troubled that readers and journalists take management's side so [...]

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Be careful about Brandon Jacobs

Some of you have written in criticizing Brandon Jacobs the person. If you want to criticize the player, fine. But you don't know him as a person and neither do I. Some are leaping to conclusions he was lazy, a problem in the locker room, a bad guy. How do [...]

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Brandon Jacobs once more

Does anyone know what Brandon Jacobs did to get in Harbaugh's doghouse? It must have been very serious. I'm getting the feeling you don't want to get on Harbaugh's bad side.

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49ers suspend Jacobs

The 49ers suspended Brandon Jacobs the rest of the season. I wonder what this guy did to tick people off. I know he wrote some tweets saying he's rotting away on the Niners. Is that enough to get suspended? The Raiders just reinstated Rolando McClain. This is all very curious. [...]

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The strange case of Brandon Jacobs

I didn't go to Santa Clara today for Harbaugh's presser. Instead I wrote about the baseball hall of fame and Bonds, Clemens and Sosa -- I'll post that later. I read a transcript from the Harbaugh social hour and this struck me. Asked if Brandon Jacobs is still part of [...]

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James and Jenkins active, Jacobs not so active

Brandon Jacobs is not active for today's 49ers game. Trent Baalka (aka Zaalke) didn't pick well when he signed Jacobs. On the other hand, Baalke's two big-deal draft picks are active -- AJ Jenkins and LaMichael James. This is Baalke's chance to show he chose wisely and well.

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Should the Niners use Brandon Jacobs?

Now that Kendall Hunter is out for the season, the Niners need another running back. I wonder how they will handle this. They signed Brandon Jacobs in the offseason and it was a big-deal signing. Even though Jacobs was healthy, they almost never used him. This implies to me Jim [...]

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Brandon Jacobs inactive

Here's a shocker. Brandon Jacobs is inactive for today's 49ers game against the Rams. Jacobs has not played a single snap. I think he's a good big back. Why in the world did the Niners get him? Did he tick someone off?

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