Lowell’s five favorite quarterbacks

Here is a link to my column about my five favorite quarterbacks. The full text appears below: Drew Brees is the reason for this column. I got to thinking I love Drew Brees the quarterback, love to watch him work and play. Then I asked myself: “Who are my top-five, [...]

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Brett Favre

It's so obvious now. The Packers did the right thing to commit to Aaron Rodgers and not to commit to Brett Favre. Clearly, Rodgers is a better QB now and has been for a while. The Packers looked into the future and realized Rodgers would be the QB of the [...]

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Enough Favre already

Enough Brett Favre for heavens sake. They have TV monitors in the press box here at Candlestick. Every time I look at the screen I see Favre, the old man and the sea with that five o'clock shadow. I don't know about you but I've heard quite enough from Favre. [...]

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Grant: “I admire Brett Favre”

Grant here with a question for the Cohn Zohn Do you think Brett Favre is a jerk? I don’t. I also didn’t have a problem with Lebron’s “The Decision” press conference, other than its boringness. I totally disagree with my dad on both of these. My guess is if you [...]

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Favre update No. 3

This is a Brett Favre update. There is no update. (Neal, I'm sorry. Please don't be sore at me.) It's just that Bristol Palin called off her engagement to Levi Johnston yet again and, I'm sure you'll agree she is a Favre-like on again off again clown. So I just [...]

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Favre bulletin

In a shocking development which may alter civilization as we know it, Brett Favre has announced he may have changed his mind about retiring. This is the quickest turnaround in the Favre canon of turnarounds, if he actually turns around. Please stop the presses. Please tell the president and the [...]

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Favre odds

This makes me laugh. An online oddsmaker, YouWager.com, just sent me an email with the odds for Brett Favre saying he's unretiring and is returning to football. They give odds for one, two, three, four weeks and never. I don't bet so I don't understand the odds but the concept amuses me. [...]

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Brett Favre retiring?

I just read on the internet Brett Favre will retire. So, I have some questions. Does this really mean he is retiring? Or does it mean he will retire and unretire 100 times before the season starts? And if he retires will we pine and mope and wait for Brett to [...]

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Brett Favre: a question

Brett Favre may or not play in 2010, which leads to a question: Do you really care?

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