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Sabean vs. Beane

In my Tuesday column I ask who is a better GM, Beane or Sabean. Here is a link. The full text runs below: Who is a better general manager, Billy Beane or Brian Sabean? The Sporting News recently ranked all 30 big-league managers, ranked Beane No. 1 and Sabean No. 4, with Ben Cherington of the Red Sox and Dave Dombrowksi of the Tigers at No. 2 and No. 3. One and four are lofty rankings for our two local… Read More »

How fans view Bochy and Sabean

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean: If Bruce Bochy were managing the Mets or the Yankees or the Phillies — happily he isn’t — fans and writers and sports-talk radio hosts/morons in New York and Philly would be ranting about what a bum he is. They’d say he’s mismanaging the Giants — like, how come Joaquin Arias isn’t batting fourth and playing center field and pitching every fifth day? And they’d say… Read More »

Giants stand pat

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about what the Giants did not do at the trading deadline: Brian Sabean said the offers for his potential free agents were “embarrassing.” His notable free agents after this season will be Tim Lincecum, Javier Lopez and Hunter Pence, but the floundering, bumbling, stumbling Giants are dealing from a position of weaknesses, and teams know that. And Sabean is not weak. In a movie, he would play the tough guy who finishes… Read More »

Sabean on defending the world’s championship

At Giants Media Day someone asked Brian Sabean about defending the world’s championship. “To get in the playoffs,” he said, “that’s our goal. We’re not going to start this year — ‘we’re going to be the defending champions and repeat.’ Our goal is to get in the playoffs. We think if we do, we’ll be battle-tested enough to hopefully get through the first round.”

American League vs. National League

At Media Day, someone asked Brian Sabean if the National League is underrated. “I think so,” he said. “If you watch our games much like our series against Detroit, you have to play baseball in this league. There are a lot of close games. When you play a lot of one run and two run games, you have to do a lot of things fundamentally right to win them. We’re used to playing that kind of baseball. We don’t have… Read More »

In praise of Sabean

I still get emails telling me what a mediocre general manager Brian Sabean is, how he’s made some bad signings and how he overpays for players and how he never got a power hitter for this year’s team and how he let Carlos Beltran get away. All I know is the Giants now are in the World Series for the third time in his tenure. How bad is that?

Sabean and Dusty Baker

During a commercial on Comcast on Tuesday I talked to Brian Sabean about Dusty Baker’s health — an irregular heart beat and a mild stroke. Sabean told me he had phoned Dusty Monday night and they spoke a long time. Sabean said he feels confident Dusty will be OK. “He’s always looked after himself,” he said. “He eats well, exercises, is never overweight.” Sabean was smiling as he said all this. The whole time I was thinking this is the… Read More »

Sabean vs. all other GMs

When I posted an item praising Brian Sabean yesterday, I knew I’d get some negative response. Fair enough. Some people even wrote that Billy Beane is a better GM and that the Giants winning the World Series under Sabean doesn’t mean all that much. Let’s be clear about this. Winning the World Series means everything. In baseball there is nothing more important. Beane has not won a World Series. That means he has not accomplished what Sabean has. There is… Read More »

Sabean is controversial

Brian Sabean is a controversial sports figure around here. If I praise him, I get replies telling me I’m wrong and detailing some of his bad contacts — which have been very bad. Still, he’s had good contracts and he got the Giants in the Series twice and he won once and he’s mostly made the Giants a contender every year and he rebuilt them after the Bonds era and he created a fabulous pitching staff. So why all the… Read More »