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Brian Wilson and Giants at impasse

Brian Sabean on Brian Wilson at today’s Media Day: “It’s just their stance vs. our stance. Their camp holds hope they can get a contract with more guaranteed money. And we feel the situation as it presents itself is really an incentive based type of proposition.”

Marco Scutaro stays with Giants

I woke up Wednesday morning to discover the Giants have signed Marco Scutaro to a three year deal. Good. This, I believe, is an even more important signing than Angel Pagan — and signing him was very important. The Giants also signed Jeremy Affeldt — key — but they have not signed Brian Wilson. If you can put sentiment aside, I think the Giants no longer need Wilson, especially after two surgeries. They have an excellent bullpen without him. I… Read More »

Should Giants offer Brian Wilson arbitration, or even keep him?

I wrote my Tuesday column about Brian Wilson. Considering I wrote my Monday column about Wilson, that’s a lot of Wilson. In the second column I examine some hard contract issues. Like should the Giants offer Wilson arbitration after this season? I say no. I point out what a risk he represents for them going forward. This is nothing against Wilson. I merely am talking baseball realities and looking at baseball as a business. If the Giants decide Wilson can… Read More »

Brian Wilson, the truth (Lowell column)

I attended the Giants game today and participated in an interview with Brian Wilson, and an interview with Bruce Bochy about Brian Wilson, and I got the story of how and when Wilson injured himself and what it means for the future and where Wilson stands now. I wrote all this in my Monday column. I wish Wilson all the best as he faces probable Tommy John surgery and lengthy rehabilitation. He hopes to pitch again next season. To read… Read More »

Brian Wilson speaks about probable end of his season — the transcript

Here is an edited transcript of Brian Wilson’s remarks to the media in the clubhouse before Sunday’s game with the Pirates: I’m doing fine. I’m not down at all. The likelihood is that the season is over. We all know what structural damage is. The likelihood of me throwing again this year is minimal. I’ve obviously prepared for a different view of the game. I have an opportunity now to be a better teammate and watch other stories unravel and… Read More »

Brian Wilson speaks

Brian Wilson spoke to the media at his locker this morning for about ten minutes. It was a gracious gesture considering his season is almost surely over. He said he will seek other opinions on his elbow but expects to get Tommy John Surgery. He is optimistic about returning next season and thinks he will throw even harder. He did not seem depressed. I will write my Monday column on Wilson. I will add this now — Bruce Bochy does… Read More »

Brian Wilson may miss season

I was out tonight in San Francisco because my sister and brother-in-law are visiting from the East Coast and I had dinner with them. So, I was kind of cut off from sports for a few hours. I just got home and read Brian Wilson may need Tommy John surgery and could miss the rest of the season. I saw him Friday before the home opener sitting silently at his locker signing balls. He looked deep in thought. Now I… Read More »

Bochy pregame on Wilson, Burrell and Giants’ chances

Here are some pregame Bochy quotes. The first topic is Brian Wilson who played catch near the dugout, throwing slowly. Bochy: This is a light day. he’s actually been throwing a little bit more than he did today. He played catch for 6 or 7 minutes. If he feels OK tomorrow then he’ll take a light pen tomorrow and get him off the mound. How is Burrell? He’s off today. That was my concern with him going back to back… Read More »

Should Brian Wilson shave his beard?

Grant raised a crucial topic in his latest column, just posted on ComcastSportsNet Bay Area. He asked if Brian Wilson finally should shave his beard so he can become the dominating closer he used to be. The world breathlessly awaits your answer. Grant has all kinds of statistics showing Wilson isn’t what he used to be, and it’s a fair conclusion that his beard is holding him back. Or maybe it isn’t. One thing is sure, though — Wilson has… Read More »

Brian Wilson blows it

Brian Wilson blew the save in the bottom of the 9th vs. the Cubbies. He gave up a game-tying home run. No criticism of Wilson here. He’s one of the best closers in the business. It’s just that the guy lives with danger — seems to love it. He often will get two outs in the last inning and then allow runners on base, and flirt with danger and finally win. Today, he didn’t merely flirt with danger; he married… Read More »