Brett Lawrie vs. Josh Donaldson, etc.

IN TODAY'S column I wrote about the new A's third baseman Brett Lawrie who replaces the old third baseman Josh Donaldson. Here is a comparison of key stats the past two seasons for both of them. Games played: Donaldson in 2014, 158 games; in 2013, 158 games. Lawrie in 2014, [...]

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Bruce Bochy talks gamesmanship

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Bruce Bochy. The full text appears below: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — It's post workout, about 1 p.m. A few Giants are taking batting practice and manager Bruce Bochy walks off the field and settles his huge body onto the dugout bench for [...]

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Bruce Bochy has a pulse

Bruce Bochy just finished his post-workout media chat in the dugout. I asked him, "You under pressure this year?" "No. Feel good." He placed his right pointer finger on his wrist and felt his pulse. He was satisfied he was alive and calm. If his team finishes 10 games under [...]

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How fans view Bochy and Sabean

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean: If Bruce Bochy were managing the Mets or the Yankees or the Phillies — happily he isn’t — fans and writers and sports-talk radio hosts/morons in New York and Philly would be ranting about what a [...]

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Ranking managers in NL West

Here is my highly subjective ranking of managers in the NL West. 1. Bruce Bochy 2. Bud Black 3. Kirk Gibson 4. Walt Weiss 5. Don Mattingly I encourage you to suggest your own list

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Bochy analyzes the Giants

Here is the opening to my Sunday column. In it Bruce Bochy analyzes his team: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Imagine me as a stand-in for you. The other day, I met privately with Bruce Bochy and asked basic questions about his team, questions I imagine you would ask. I hope you [...]

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Bruce Bochy comes to the point

Here is the opening to my Saturday column about Bruce Bochy making roster cuts Friday morning. FYI, the Giants and Dodgers didn't actually get rained out on Friday. The way I saw it, they got hailed out -- what a storm here in the Valley of the Sun: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. [...]

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Bochy’s grandma ran a still

I was talking to Bruce Bochy this morning. At one point he said, "My dad he had a still. I ever tell you that?" I said I didn't know about the still. "Yeah," Bochy said, "he grew up in West Virginia. His father was a coal miner, his mother had [...]

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Is Bruce Bochy on steroids?

At Giants Media Day, one reporter asked Bruce Bochy about the state of steroids in baseball. After Bochy answered that question, I asked Bochy if he is on steroids. He said, "My head looks like it, doesn’t it? Until people look at the numbers on my baseball card, you would [...]

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Lowell on Comcast

I'll be on the Blitz this afternoon -- first I have to drive to Santa Rosa for a meeting at the PD and then Google Maps is telling me to come back across the San Rafael Bridge and get to the City over the Bay Bridge. What gives? One of [...]

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