Rain in St. Louis and what Bochy will do with Cain.

It is starting to rain in St. Louis. It may be a whopper, I don't know. Players are still warming up on the field. In his pregame presser Bochy spoke about what he will do with his starter Matt Cain in light of possible rain. I quote him from a [...]

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Bochy is a man with answers

Here is the opening to my Monday column about the Giants' 6-4 loss to the Cardinals: SAN FRANCISCO -- Let’s be honest about this. The Giants did not play well against the Cardinals in the first game of the National League Championship Series. They scored in only one inning, and [...]

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Bruce Bochy pre game 5

Here is a transcript of Bruce Bochy's news conference just concluded leading into Game 5. It is courtesy of MLB: October 11, 2012    An interview with: BRUCE BOCHY   Q.         Not just in this series, but why is home field advantage so insignificant during the postseason so far? BRUCE [...]

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What Bochy said

Here's a few quotes from Bruce Bochy's pregame presser: On the first two games: "We all would agree they're important games. We know it." On not freaking out over the first two games: "Well, we've got to take both of these games -- you can't think like that. We'll do [...]

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Bochy on Lincecum

Bruce Bochy spoke about Tim Lincecum before today’s game with the A’s. Asked what changed for Lincecum last night when he finally pitched well, Bochy said, “He just had enough, found his game at the right time thank goodness.” Is Lincecum over the threshold? “We have a lot of baseball [...]

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Bochy gives Sandoval the news

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about Bruce Bochy and Pablo Sandoval: SAN FRANCISCO — Giants manager Bruce Bochy is in a tough situation. It's all about Pablo Sandoval. How Bochy handles Sandoval is important — serious. Bochy will handle Sandoval just fine. Here's the deal. The Giants [...]

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Blame Bochy?

I wrote the other day that Tim Lincecum pitches just fine until he has a crack-up inning. His crack-up inning tonight was the 6th in Miami. He gave up 5 runs and looked, well, bad. What is going on? He was throwing 93 mph and seemed to have good stuff. [...]

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In Praise of Bob Melvin

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column: This is in praise of Bob Melvin. He is doing better with the A’s than just about anyone expected, and that is the mark of a good manager. The preseason talk about the A’s was blunt and brutal. They would lose 90 [...]

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Bochy tells a funny story

Bruce was saying Brian Wilson never let him know his elbow hurt that day in Denver last week when he struggled to save a win for Madison Bumgarner -- it was almost surely Wilson's final game this season. That got Bochy thinking about Ken Caminiti, whom he had managed and [...]

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Bochy throws out Angels scout

This one is a real puzzler. I just read it on Yahoo sports. Bruce Bochy had an Angels scout removed from the stands in Scottsdale because the Giants were working on secret stuff, or something like that. This secrecy is unusual in baseball -- believe me -- and it's much [...]

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