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Tim Hudson on Buster Posey

Here is Tim Hudson explaining why it’s a good thing that Buster Posey can hit: “If you’re a catcher that can’t hit, a lot of times that catcher’s going to call a lot of pitches they can’t hit which a lot of the league can hit. I’m glad I have a catcher that rakes.”

Who is essential to Giants’ future?

Here is the opening to my Sunday column. It explores the Barry Zito never-ending dilemma and then asks who is absolutely essential to the future of the Giants: Barry Zito has got to go. He may pitch OK on Monday night at home against the Padres. He does pretty well at home, but teams routinely beat his brains out on the road. In his previous start, he gave up eight earned runs in 4» innings in Pittsburgh. You watch this… Read More »

Giants extend Posey 8 years.

The Giants gave Buster Posey an eight-year contract starting in 2014. It’s being reported the deal is for $159 million. Add in the bargain rate they have Buster for in 2013 — $8 million — and the total deal is nine years at $167 million. As some of you may remember, I would not have given Posey all that dough so fast. Not that I am in the business of signing players for the Giants. I advised caution. See how… Read More »

Should Giants sign Posey long term?

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Buster Posey: Should the Giants lock up Buster Posey to a long-term deal? Should they do it right now? The question is pertinent — you might say essential — because the Giants and Posey’s representatives are talking right now. They are talking quietly, no big announcements, no trumpet fanfares. But they definitely are talking. Posey wants a 10-year deal worth many millions of dollars. This has been reported. And Posey, almost… Read More »

Buster Posey MVP

Here is the opening to my Friday column about Buster Posey MVP: uster Posey is Derek Jeter. And that is the highest praise. Like Jeter, Posey does magic things, makes magic plays, makes magic throws, hits magic home runs — does things you barely can imagine, and he does them exactly when they matter most. Like Jeter, he is the leader of his team — unquestioned leader. And that does not mean making speeches. It means playing with conviction and… Read More »

Giants do damage control

I interviewed Giants president Larry Baer on Saturday in the press box during the Giants-Rockies game — Rockies won 2-1.  We talked about Brian Sabean’s now infamous rant about Scott Cousins and the Giants’ response which, I thought, was a propaganda press release. Baer explained himself and added to my (our) understanding of the situation and I appreciate the time he took and the seriousness he showed. To read my column and Baer’s comments click here.

Bay Area 10 most depressing sports injuries

ComcastSportsNet BayArea just published Grant’s latest opus. This time he wrote about the Bay Area’s ten most depressing sports injuries of all time, obviously a reaction to Buster Posey’s horrible injury last week. Grant wrote this as therapy for you and him — these injuries are sad. He also wrote it to remind us of important history. If you have another to add, write to him at Comcast or leave a response here. To read Grant’s column click here.

Bochy talks at length about Posey’s broken leg

Here is the pregame Q&A with Bruce Bochy in the dugout before today’s game. Please excuse all typos; I transcribed this in a hurry: What’s the lastest news about Posey? Right now it’s a lower-leg fracture, ankle fracture. X-rays did show that. Right now he’s getting an MRI so we’ll know more when we get results from that. Any idea how long he’ll be out? No, can’t know that until we find out more what’s going on in the leg.… Read More »

Giants starting lineup — without Posey

Here is the Giants starting lineup for today’s day game vs. Florida. I’ll have a few comments on the bottom. Andres Torres CF Emmanuel Burriss shortstop Freddy Sanchez 2B Aubrey Huff 1B Cody Ross RF Aaron Rowand LF Miguel Tejada, 3B Eli Whiteside C Ryan Vogelsong SP Clearly the Giants are hurting without Buster Posey. They couldn’t hit much when they had him. Now they are batting Freddy Sanchez third. It is a power slot and he has hit only… Read More »