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Raiders don’t need Carson Palmer

The way I understand it Carson Palmer won’t agree to restructure his contract. He wants $13 million from the Raiders or he wants out. Which means he really doesn’t want to play for the Raiders. The Raiders should part company with him ASAP. He is no good to them. They are rebuilding and there is no place on a team like that for a quarterback like that. Let him be a backup on a contender and let the Raiders get… Read More »

Where does Carson Palmer rank with current QBs? (Grant column)

CSNBayArea just posted Grant’s latest contribution. This time he wrote about Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer — he wrote about Palmer after watching him work last night on television. We watched together and we were both impressed. So, this morning, Grant wrote a piece asking where Palmer ranks among current NFL quarterbacks — admittedly based on a limited sample. To read Grant’s piece and to get in your two cents, please click here.

Carson Palmer/Jason Campbell question

As you probably figured out I never made it to the Raiders game. Instead I watched it at home and went through an entire box of Kleenex with my annual fall cold. But I did see the game and Carson Palmer wasn’t so hot, but of course he’s entitled because he had been sitting on a couch and now he was in a real game. So, sure, we give him a break. Still, here’s a hypothetical. What if Palmer never… Read More »

Palmer may start

When I went to bed Tuesday night, I didn’t know if Carson Palmer will start Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. But when I woke up I read a quote from Raiders offensive coordinator Al Saunders that pretty much said Palmer is a lock to start. I’ll link to the quote in a minute. Saunders contradicted Hue Jackson who wouldn’t reveal anything at the Palmer-get-to-know-you press conference. These guys ought to get their signals straight. To read the news on… Read More »

Carson Palmer news conference

This is one heck of a week for news. First there was all that handshake stuff at the Niners and now the Raiders trade two big draft picks to the Cincinnati Bengals for quarterback Carson Palmer who hated the Bengals so much he had retired. Wow. The Raiders obviously believe Palmer can lead them to big things. And maybe he can. He is a big upgrade over any quarterback they have including Jason Campbell. I wrote my Wednesday column about… Read More »