Why Niners should go with Kaepernick (Grant opinion)

Over here at the Cohn Zohn we are interested in investigating all sides of an issue. In an earlier post, I said the Niners should re-sign Alex Smith because Colin Kaepernick, the heir apparent at quarterback, is not ready to take the controls. I firmly believe that. My son Grant, [...]

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No on Kaepernick

Lots of Zohn readers are saying let Alex Smith go. Colin Kaepernick can handle things for the Niners right now. My son Grant feels that same way. I say that's wrong. Smith is a better option for next season than Kaepernick. If Jim Harbaugh thinks different, he's wrong too.

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More Alex Smith

One more thought about Alex Smith. For a while, we thought there was a competition between Smith and Colin Kaepernick for the starting job, although Jim Harbaugh eventually moved away from that position and said Smith is No. 1. Tonight clearly showed that Smith should be the starter and that [...]

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49ers: More QB controversy

I woke up this morning to a barrage of comments and emails to my claim that the Niners have a quarterback controversy and that Jim Harbaugh started it with his Saturday conference call. Grant, too, has been deluged by responses as he heard things as I did. So here's what [...]

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Kaepernick question

I have a question about Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. Why is Harbaugh leaving Kaepernick in so long? This may seem like a silly question but I don't think it is. Usually a coach gives everyone a chance. The Raiders played three quarterbacks Thursday night. So, is Harbaugh giving Kaepernick [...]

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Harbaugh compares his QBs, not.

I intended to write my Friday column about Alex Smith, Thursday being his first day back on the job and all that. As I look back over the column it's obvious to me it's about Jim Harbaugh -- he just sort of took over, being who he is and all [...]

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Jim Harbaugh, QB coach

Early in this afternoon's practice Jim Harbaugh spent 25 minutes with the quarterbacks, which basically meant with Colin Kaepernick as Alex Smith watched. Harbaugh repeatedly showed Kaepernick what to do, commented on his footwork, demonstrated the correct footwork. Sometimes Harbaugh threw the ball. Harbaugh loves to throw the ball and [...]

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Difference between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick

Some Zohners have written in saying there isn't much difference between Alex Smith and Colin K. Both were winners in college and were highly thought of and are tall and mobile, etc. Fair enough. There are two major differences, as I see it. 1. The people who brought in Smith [...]

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Kaepernick is the one

It was a brilliant stroke by the Niners to draft Colin Kaepernick in the second round -- the 49ers traded up no less to get him. What moxie. They even brought Kaepernick and his folks into the building to meet the media Friday night; they drove in from Turlock. Jim [...]

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Kaepernick sighting

Colin Kaepernick is driving to Santa Clara from Turlock and, along with Jim Harbaugh, will meet the media at 7:30 tonight.

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