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Why Kaepernick must leave town

Link to my Thursday column. Text below: Repeat after me. Colin Kaepernick is an illusion. He’s also a mirage and a pleasant dream that vanishes when you wake up. He’s all smoke and mirrors and special effects. No reality. No substance. I’m not talking about him as a person. I’m talking about him as a quarterback. The greatest quarterback illusion in the NFL. I was on TV the other night. It was after Jed York’s news conference. They had a… Read More »

I won’t miss Kaepernick

I want to be upfront about this. About Colin Kaepernick. I won’t miss him. I’m kind of glad he’s out of here — he almost surely is history with the 9ers. I don’t want him to be injured, although this one to his non-throwing shoulder does not seem like a career breaker. I just don’t want to deal with him ever again. Is he the most annoying athlete I ever covered? Of course not. Barry Bonds basks alone in that… Read More »

Bye-Bye Kaepernick

The Niners placed Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve, ending his season. Probably ending his strange, over-rated career in San Francisco-Santa Clara. Something about an injury to his non-throwing shoulder. He got this injury Week 4 and still was able to play. He was listed as probable for this game until he wasn’t. He experienced pain after the bye week. All very suspicious. I believe there’s an injury. I believe he could have played. I believe he and the team decided… Read More »

Kaepernick, Ira Miller & Professionalism

Here is a link to my Sunday 49ers column. The full text runs below: Ira Miller wrote me an email early last week. Ira and I covered the 49ers together for a long time and are close friends. Ira, now retired and living outside Chicago, was the best football beat writer in America for decades. You know all that. The subject line on his email read: “Disgusting.” “That the 49ers didn’t make Kaepernick talk. Just disgusting. No accountability.” That was… Read More »

Kaepernick benched

Here is a link to my Tuesday Kaepernick column. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA — Benched. Second banana. The guy who holds the clipboard. Colin Kaepernick, the once and no-more starting quarterback of the 49ers got shoved to the side, according to reports. He now is benched, irrelevant, history. Almost certainly gone by the end of this season. The understudy to Blaine Gabbert. Come again? That’s right, to Blaine Freaking Gabbert. It all started at coach Jim Tomsula’s… Read More »

Kaepernick Island

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Colin Kaepernick. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick. He’s the subject of the day for the Niners, certainly the subject of the week, maybe the subject of the season. So, here’s what happened last Saturday — to me. I got a phone call from someone. Leave it at that. This someone said a player on the 49ers told a second person about Kaepernick’s standing (falling?) in the… Read More »