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Is Kaepernick an elite QB?

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Colin Kaerpernick. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Twenty-seven. Study that number. Think about that number. Memorize that number. It’s the number that matters most with Colin Kaepernick. It is not his pass-completion percentage or his passer rating or his total touchdowns. It is more humble and more basic and way more important. It is Kaepernick’s age. Twenty-seven. We tend to think of Kaepernick as a kid or “The Kid.”… Read More »

Kaepernick used N-word

Matt Barrows of the Sac Bee wrote an article saying Colin Kaepernick used the N-word to Lamarr Houston. Houston changed his story and pointed the finger at Kap. I understand that players say stuff to each other in the heat of a game I am not the language police. But it sure looks like Kap has been lying for more than a week. When a person keeps lying there’s a noun that seems applicable. You say he is a (fill… Read More »

Blame Colin Kaepernick

Here is a link to my Monday column about the 49ers’ 28-20 loss to the Bears with a special emphasis on the crummy play of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Colin Kaepernick blew the game for the 49ers. There’s no polite way to put it. It’s on you, Colin, the 28-20 loss to the Bears. Sure, other 49ers didn’t play well. The defense, minus Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman, played like chumps, made Bears quarterback… Read More »

Kaepernick a victim of bias?

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Colin Kaepernick. The full text runs below: Colin Kaepernick, who will play for the first time today in Levi’s Stadium, thinks people are picking on him. I guess he means media people like me. He recently told Bleacher Report some people are prejudiced against him. Here’s what he said about so-called unfair criticism directed his way: “Stereotypes, prejudice, whatever you want to call it. I think between the tattoos, the way… Read More »

Colin Kaepernick gets rich

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Colin Kaepernick’s whopper contract. The full  column runs below: SANTA CLARA — The Pampers are off Colin Kaepernick. I’m not saying he wears Pampers. But until now, he was perceived as a beginner quarterback, a learning quarterback, and most of all, a baby quarterback. Forget all that. When a 26-year-old guy signs a six-year contract worth as much as $126 million, when a guy gets $61 million guaranteed, he no longer… Read More »

How much is Kaepernick worth?

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Colin Kaepernick’s potential new contract. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA – On Tuesday, Colin Kaepernick looked like a playing card. He wore a jet black jersey with a blazing red seven on it. The seven of diamonds. This was during a 49ers offseason practice. You wanted to use him for an inside straight. Draw him as your last card, a closed card and flip Colin over to win the… Read More »

Was Kaepernick a gentleman?

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Colin Kaepernick. The full text runs below: If the 49ers were a movie, their offseason would be titled “Niners Gone Wild.” No need to catalog all the wildness. Better to focus on the leading character in the movie. Colin Kaepernick. Quarterback. Face of the franchise. It’s not the intention of this column to discuss his legal issues — if there even are legal issues. So much is vague and unrevealed. To… Read More »

Kaepernick according to Cohn yet again

There seems to be a firestorm caused by what I wrote about Colin Kaepernick. Oh my. If the column got you worked up, take a workout at the gym or go for a walk in nature. Even Kap’s mom, who seems nice, got into the act. Here is what the Niners should do about Kap and his contract. 1. They should not negotiate an extension now. 2. They should make him play next season according to his contract, for slighly… Read More »

Now Kaepernick wants $20 million

Now Kaepernick wants $20 million a year. That’s according to Jason La Canfora. Maybe tomorrow Kaepernick will want $25 million a year. He wants this based on such a small body of work. Kind of a head scratcher. This is the QB who said out loud he would not make lavish salary demands. Do you think he’s worth this dough? To read La Canfora’s article click here.

Kaepernick salary demand out of line

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Colin Kaepernick’s salary demand. The full column runs below: Colin Kaepernick is not an attractive personality. Usually he doesn’t say jack. And that’s not attractive. When he says jack — and more — he’s even less attractive. Take what the Boston Globe is reporting about Kaepernick. He wants a contract extension from the 49ers. He wants a big-money contract extension. He wants Jay Cutler money. He wants Tony Romo money. He… Read More »