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Niners sign Billy Cundiff

All praise to Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke for signing kicker Billy Cundiff. The Niners are entering the playoffs and the stakes are high and they need an efficient place kicker. Given their situation, the 49ers have done everything they can to improve their kicking game. If Cundiff beats out David Akers in head to head competition that shows — or may show — he is ready for the playoffs. If Akers beats out Cundiff, ditto. This was a good… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh and David Akers

Here is the opening to my column about the 49ers and their problem with place kicking: SANTA CLARA Jim Harbaugh was in his Jimbo mood on Monday. When he’s happy and everything is right with the world and he flashes the million-dollar grin, that’s the Jimbo mood. Of course, Harbaugh has several other moods — they might even be personalities — and some of those are terse or gloomy or withdrawn. Hardly Jimbo Jim. But on Monday, Jimbo visited with… Read More »