David Lee to Celtics

Warriors traded David Lee to Celts. Good for him. Nice guy. Never a grump when he got benched. Deserves to play and contribute, something he would not have done much on the Dubs.

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Blake Griffin refuses to learn

Here is a link to my Monday column comparing Blake Griffin and David Lee. The full text runs below: LOS ANGELES — This is a tale of two power forwards. Blake Griffin and David Lee. One learns from his mistakes. One doesn’t. Guess which is which. The ability to learn [...]

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Kawakami: Warriors better without Lee

In today's San Jose Mercury, my friend Tim Kawakami wrote a column I admire immensely. He made a logical, well-thought-out, well-defended argument that the Warriors are better in the playoffs without David Lee even though Lee was an All Star this season and is known for getting double-doubles. I read [...]

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David Lee is out

David Lee is out of the playoffs with a completely torn hip flexor. This seemingly is a big problem for the Warriors. Do you think this means they are one and done? One more thing. In all my dealings with him I've found Lee a good guy. Sorry this happened [...]

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Dwight Howard misses the point

Dwight Howard was extremely upset after the Warriors beat the Lakers Monday night. According to what I read -- I didn't go into the Lakers' locker room -- he wasn't so much upset about the loss. He was upset because David Lee whacked him in the face and he needed [...]

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David Lee and the West Coast Offense

Here is the opening to my Friday column about David Lee: OAKLAND This is about David Lee, who's having his best season in the NBA. But it's also how the West Coast offense in football leads to a good interview. In the West Coast offense, the coordinator scripts several plays [...]

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Warriors whip Thunder

The Warriors whipped the Oklahoma City Thunder 100-94 on Sunday night. I covered the game and the Warriors' beat writers wondered why I was there. I mean, it seems like there's nothing new to write about the Warriors anymore. We know they are entertaining losers. Except on Sunday night they [...]

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David Lee, hello

Is anyone out there happy about this David Lee deal? I bet Knicks fans are but I'm talking to Warriors fans. Lee may be a wonderful human being -- I'm eager to meet him. And he will rebound and help the W's score. Teams will have to account for him. [...]

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The David Lee fiasco

Grant here: According to Marcus Thompson II, the Warriors could be on the verge of trading Anthony Randolph to the Knicks for David Lee. This would be a dreadful move. The Warriors would have to pay Lee more than he’s worth (an escalating salary starting around $13 mil a year), [...]

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David Lee — no way

There is talk the Warriors may trade, among others, Monta Ellis to the Knicks for David Lee. Please no. Please don't do this. The Warriors, in case you forgot, are a team that cannot play defense. David Lee is a power forward/sometime center who cannot play defense. Put those two [...]

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