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When to fire Dennis Allen

Here is a link to my Tuesday column suggesting various times Mark Davis could fire Dennis Allen. The full text runs below: When should Raiders’ owner Mark Davis fire coach Dennis Allen? This is strictly a procedural issue. Davis could fire Allen today, but that might lead to logistical problems. The Raiders fly to New England on Friday to lose to the Patriots on Sunday. It would be difficult to get a new head coach up and running by Sunday,… Read More »

The case against Dennis Allen

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie. The full text appears below: Let’s pretend you and I are Mark Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders. Well, if we’re pretending to be Mark, we’d get a new hairdo ASAP. But we’re not talking that kind of pretending. We’re pretending to be Mark Davis, football visionary. As Pretend Marks we ask ourselves a two-part question: When this lousy season ends, do I (Mark) retain the… Read More »

Dennis Allen needs to step up his game

Here is a link to my Monday column about the Raiders getting blown out by the Eagles. The full text appears below: OAKLAND Questions I wanted to ask Raiders coach Dennis Allen after his team got murdered by Philadelphia 49-20. I was held back by a sense of decorum: What the hell? Coach, are you kidding me? You actually had a week to prep for this monstrosity? We’re supposed to take you seriously? But as I say, there is an… Read More »

Fair warning for Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen fired four assistants including offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. That’s Allen’s business. In a sense, he is making those four the fall guys for a horrible season. Maybe they were no good, but Allen wasn’t exactly brilliant in his own right. He better make significant progress next season or he’ll be the one shown the door.

What Dennis Allen needs to do. And who is Dennis Allen?

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about the Raiders: Be patient with the Raiders. That has been the message of this column, and it continues to be, although now there are wrinkles. Wrinkles emerge. Before addressing the wrinkles, let’s go over the patience part. Rookie general manager Reggie McKenzie and rookie head coach Dennis Allen inherited a disastrous roster, thanks to Al Davis. You know all about that. Last season’s head coach Hue Jackson, mostly a blowhard, did… Read More »

Further thoughts on Raiders opener

Forgive me for posting these thoughts in a tardy fashion. I’ve done a lot of sleeping after my big adventure last weekend. But I have two lingering thoughts about Dennis Allen and the Raiders opener. 1. Of course Allen and his special teams staff should have had a properly trained backup long snapper. Travis Goethel didn’t fail. The coaches did. That’s obvious. 2. This second point maybe isn’t as obvious, but it’s important. With 7 seconds left in the first… Read More »

Dennis Allen unveiled

The Raiders introduced Dennis Allen on Monday. It was a pleasant affair with Allen talking about his philosophy which includes attacking, up-tempo offense, discipline and other good things. After the press conference, the Raiders served lunch to the media. In good Al Davis style there was plenty of deli with sour pickles — I love that stuff. Mark Davis, a convivial sort, sat and ate with us. To read my piece on Allen and what he may bring to the… Read More »

Good for the Raiders

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Monday column, a column I was greatly pleased to write. It is about the Raiders’ hiring new head coach Dennis Allen, apparently a defensive whiz. It is about the Raiders no longer settling for low-level coaches because they could not attract anyone better. I get the feeling the Raiders are on the dawn of a new and bright day — something we have not seen from them in a long time. It pleases… Read More »

Dennis Allen is official

It’s official. Dennis Allen is the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders. They will introduce him Monday at noon in their Alameda headquarters. On a personal note, I learned of this development through a news release sent to me via email. For years, the Raiders have kept me, Monte Poole and Tim Kawakami off their email list. I am grateful to be back on the list. In a small way, I believe, this shows a new openness in the… Read More »

Raiders’ mistake in hiring head coach

I’m proposing a theory — call it an educated guess. I could be all wrong but I’m trying. Many sites are reporting that the Raiders already have hired Dennis Allen as their head coach. Allen is (was?) defensive coordinator at the Broncos and this hire makes sense because the Raiders defense is talented but does not play up to the talent level. In my theory, the Raiders told Allen he has the HC job. Allen then told the Broncos, and… Read More »