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Rob Parker fired for attack on RGIII

A few weeks ago, ESPN analyst Rob Parker wondered on air if Robert Griffin III is a “brother or a cornball brother.” From my point of view, he brought race into a discussion that did not require a racial element and he impugned RGIII’s authenticity. I mean, what is a real brother and what standard must RGIII live up to? He seems like a great guy to me and I don’t question his brotherness when I watch him play. ESPN… Read More »


I’ve been watching CNN a lot lately because of the election. It’s a very loud station — that guy with the red and blue wall map drives me nutty. I watch ESPN a lot less than you’d imagine because it too is a very loud station. I consider both stations similar. CNN is all news all the time and ESPN is all sports news all the time. So, I have a question for you: Which does its job better, ESPN… Read More »

The Erin Andrews/Reebok/Nike dustup

I wrote my Tuesday column about Erin Andrews and what she did wrong on television at the Rose Bowl and why it involves shoes and why it involves Nike and Reebok and why ESPN should be ashamed of itself along with Andrews. My column is about conflict of interest and maybe it’s about greed, but it’s certainly about bad judgment and a terrible lapse in journalistic ethics. And it’s all here for you to read and think about and it’s… Read More »