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Time for Frank Gore to say bye-bye

Here is an early link to my Thursday column about Frank Gore. The full text runs below: In the next few days, you’re going to read what Frank Gore deserves. Mostly you’ll read Gore deserves to stay with the 49ers. Gore is a free agent and it would be — choose among the following: ungrateful, spiteful, cheap, mean, criminal -— for the 49ers NOT to offer him a big fat contract. Why does Gore deserve a big fat contract, probably… Read More »

49ers going to Super Bowl

Here is the opening to my Monday column about the Niners beating the Falcons: ATLANTA — The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. Savor that thought. Not long ago, the 49ers were a joke, a poorly managed outfit that accomplished nothing and had zero standing in the NFL. This went on for years. On Sunday in the loud Georgia Dome, noise bouncing off the artificial turf and the stands and the steel girders — it was the sound of… Read More »

Darren McFadden says he’s healthy

Here is the opening to my Wednesday column about Darren McFadden: ALAMEDA He advances straight at you with his head held high and a slight smile on his handsome young face. He is the prototype of a great running back and when he is good — that means healthy — he may be the best back in the NFL, better even than Adrian Peterson. On a scale of 10, he is an 11. He is walking out of the Oakland… Read More »

49ers will beat Giants

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Sunday column, the prediction column. I am picking the 49ers to defeat the New York Giants, which means I say the Niners will go to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. I believe the Niners are the better team — they already beat the Giants once this season. And I believe Frank Gore will have a big game, must have a big game. To read my column and get an insight into my… Read More »

Frank Gore vs. Vernon Davis

I don’t usually link to my son Grant’s 49ers posts in the Cohn Zohn — too much squawking from the Peanut Gallery. But he just put up a post about Vernon Davis and Frank Gore which, in my humble opinion, is an absolute classic. It is a revealing portrait of both players and it’s funny, endearing, and a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in a locker room between two friends, two good guys, who also are rivals. To… Read More »

Trade Gore?

It’s being reported that Frank Gore is demanding a trade if he doesn’t get the contract he wants. This is an interesting moment for the Niners. Do they pay him a lot or trade him? There is no easy answer. I will say this — Bill Walsh generally traded players sooner rather than later. He did not want to pay them for previous service rendered when they were on the downside of their careers. My gut feeling tells me the… Read More »

Gore to return

It’s being reported Frank Gore will end his holdout and show up in Santa Clara tomorrow. What in the world was that all about? This is good news for the Niners. Gore is not what he was and he gets injured but he’s still one heck of a runner — fast, elusive, powerful, tough. And he’s a great teammate. If I were grading Gore I’d give him a B+. Do you think that’s too low? I see the 49ers as… Read More »

Gore out for season

I keep reading Frank Gore broke his hip and is out for the season. Singletary has his presser later this morning which I’ll attend. I expect we’ll all get the facts then. If this news is accurate, it’s a shame for Gore — great competitor, apparently a good guy. The team won’t be as good without him, not that it’s good to begin with. One thing you can’t do. If the Niners don’t make the playoffs you can’t blame it… Read More »

Five top running backs in NFL

My kid Iggy (Grant) just posted his weekly blog entry for CSNBayArea’s Cooler. He ranked the five top running backs in the NFL. It is such an Iggy topic as opposed to a topic I would pick. And I love it. Some of the usual suspects make his cut — I won’t tell you who. But some don’t. You’ll be fascinated with how he ranks some local backs. To read his entry click here.