Lieberman on Radnich

Rich Lieberman wrote an interesting blog on the possible future of Gary Radnich. To read it click here.

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Lowell on radio and TV and why I wear makeup

I wrote my Tuesday column about what it's like for a regular guy like me to appear on radio and TV, which I do all the time -- although it always seems weird that people want to talk to me on air. Excuse me for writing about myself. I was [...]

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Rich Lieberman on Lowell Cohn on Gary Radnich

Rich Lieberman, the must-read media critic and blogger in the Bay Area, just posted these excerpts from my conversation this morning with Gary Radnich on KNBR. I appreciate Rich doing that, although he included a photo of me. I looked at the photo and asked myself, "Who is that old [...]

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Lowell with Radnich

I was on KNBR with Gary Radnich this morning -- it's always fun to be with Gary, he has such a good sense of humor and he's so energetic. He graciously asked me about my son Grant and I proceeded to tell him everything about my kid, who is starting [...]

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