Statistical proof Giants and A’s can’t hit: or how I gave myself a migraine

I never do stats, except for this morning. I did stats. Grant let me into the beauty of OPS+. Millions of people know about OPS+ and even consider it outdated. Me, I'm not into stats and don't know from OPS+. I wrote my Tuesday column about OPS+ and what it [...]

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World Series: Importance of Game 3

I'm about to head to the ballpark -- yes, reporters get there very early. I want to leave you with this thought. The third game of the World Series is crucial -- especially in this series. If the Giants win you must say they will win the World Series; it's [...]

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The foul pole and the World Series

My press seat for the World Series at AT&T Park is in the auxiliary box, way down the left field line in the upper deck. I never sat there before and I find it interesting, mostly because of the foul pole. I sit above the foul pole. I never have [...]

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Giants fans — I advise caution

It is a good feeling, I'm sure, for Giants fans. Their team is up 2-0 and twice the Giants murdered the Rangers. But I advise a feeling of caution to go along with your terrific feeling of exuberance. I am not trying to be a drag. But I don't feel comfortable [...]

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Today’s Giants-Braves schedule

Just want to give you a heads up on how today works for the two teams and the media. It's a big interview day. 4:20 pm -- 4:45: Bobby Cox and Derek Lowe in the interview room at AT&T Park 4:45 -- 6:00: Braves workout 5:30--6:00: Bruce Bochy and Tim [...]

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Do Giants have an ace?

Today I'm asking a hypothetical question: Do the San Francisco Giants have an ace pitcher? I can ask this question another way -- and this is the hypothetical part -- if the playoffs started today, who would pitch the first game for the Giants and who would be the other [...]

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Preferred Giants lineup

Note to readers. Grant sent me his preferred Giants lineup but I have been slow to post it. Sorry. Here goes. Bruce Bochy made his third different lineup in three days. He likes to tinker.  If I were the manager, I wouldn't tinker so much. I would roll with this [...]

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