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Fair warning for Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen fired four assistants including offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. That’s Allen’s business. In a sense, he is making those four the fall guys for a horrible season. Maybe they were no good, but Allen wasn’t exactly brilliant in his own right. He better make significant progress next season or he’ll be the one shown the door.

Raiders beat Steelers: Lowell column

Here is the opening to my column about the Raiders’ win over the Steelers: OAKLAND — After the first two Raiders’ games, both losses, you could see where this thing was headed. Bloggers and fans needed a scapegoat, and they had one — offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. People thought the Raiders’ offense hadn’t been so terrible last season under that big talker Hue Jackson — although, come on, it was no big deal, either. But now the offense under Knapp… Read More »

Raiders will have scary good offense

This is the opening to my Thursday column: ALAMEDA — Here is my working hypothesis about the Raiders. Their offense will be exciting. That doesn’t begin to express the concept. It will be dynamite. I can’t speak for the defense which has a long way to go, and I can’t say how many games the Raiders will win. But the offense will scare opponents, yes, scare them. OK, that’s the opening. I interviewed Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Knapp for his… Read More »