Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman and the big myth

I keep reading from tweeters and blog comment posters that the real issue between Harbaugh the 49ers was that Harbaugh would not fire Roman. How do people know that? I don't even know that. I believe the issue was much deeper than Roman and had to do with Harbaugh and [...]

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Is Greg Roman serious?

During his Friday give and take with the media, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Colin Kaepernick is "ascending" as a quarterback. One reporter followed up on the ascending remark and Roman responded: How specifically is Kaepernick ascending because it seems like he’s in a slump? “Really understanding the game, [...]

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Don’t blame Kaepernick

Here is a link to my Tuesday column explaining why Colin Kaepernick is not the main problem of the 49ers' offense. The full column also appears below: It is fashionable to dump on Colin Kaepernick. Last season, it was fashionable to praise him. Now, it’s Dump City. We’ve heard the [...]

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Greg Roman outsmarts himself

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about 49ers' offensive coordinator Greg Roman who has a tendency to be a smarty pants: Last Sunday, just before the 49ers’ first offensive play against the Falcons, I said out loud to myself, “Colin Kaepernick is going to throw a pass to [...]

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Greg Roman, a question

If Greg Roman gets the job as Eagles' head coach -- or anyone's head coach -- will that be bad or good for the 49ers?

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Lowell on Kaepernick and Roman

I have received emails and comments this morning by readers ticked off at me because the Niners' offense hasn't been boffo. Many write that Colin Kaepernick is doing no better than Alex Smith, and they seem steamed at me for backing the switch to Kaepernick. Fine, I can take it. [...]

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Greg Roman is the real problem — so fire him

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about 49ers' defensive coordinator Greg Roman: SANTA CLARA I have a suspicion Jim Harbaugh will agree with what I'm about to write. I suspect Harbaugh believes Greg Roman is not good enough to be the 49ers' offensive coordinator. I sure don't think [...]

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What is the 49ers’ offense?

Janie McCauley from AP just asked Jim Harbaugh if he is an innovative play caller. Without hesitating, Harbaugh replied, "This is a Greg Roman offense." Interesting. Enlightening. Harbaugh said Roman designs most of the play book and calls the plays. Before the season started I asked Harbaugh who calls the [...]

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West Coast Offense has moved beyond Bill Walsh

I wrote my Friday column based on group interviews today with 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Both talked at length about how the West Coast Offense has evolved beyond what Bill Walsh imagined. Fangio went so far as to say no one runs the Bill [...]

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Three new 49ers coaches

Here is today's 49ers press release announcing three new coaches, all following Jim Harbaugh to the 49ers from Stanford. 49ERS ANNOUNCE COACHING STAFF ADDITIONS   The San Francisco 49ers today announced they have named Greg Roman offensive coordinator, Vic Fangio defensive coordinator and Tim Drevno offensive line coach. “I am [...]

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