Gregg Williams inquires about reinstatement

I read on the internet this morning that Gregg Williams, such as he is, is asking the NFL what steps he must take to get reinstated as a coach. How about no steps?

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Baalke said he reached out to Gregg Williams

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat is running an AP article indicating Trent Baalke reached out to renegade former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. At his news conference today, Baalke certainly said he reached out to Williams and he called Williams a friend. I am not sure I take Baalke at [...]

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Is Gregg Williams’ rant business as usual in NFL?

Here is my Gregg Williams column, as I promised earlier today. In this I ask if Williams' paying of bounties to hurt opposing players and if his rant the night before the Niners playoff game is business as usual in the National Football League. Remember, he told his players to [...]

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Gregg Williams — the horror, the horror

Michael Silver, formerly of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, provided the following audio for Yahoo. It is Gregg Williams exhorted his New Orleans Saints defensive unit to hurt and maim the San Francisco 49ers before their playoff game. He clearly is telling them to cheat and never to apologize. This [...]

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I'm writing a column about Alex Smith for Thursday, one on Bountygate for Friday. But a quick note on Bountygate. I'm glad Sean Payton is banned a year. It should be for life. With Gregg Williams it may very well be for life. Let's be clear. There's a difference between [...]

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