Beware of Hue Jackson

My Sunday 9ers column about coaching candidate Hue Jackson. Full text below: Note to 49ers: Beware of Hue Jackson. Jackson may be frontrunner in the 49ers’ head coaching search. Chip Kelly may be frontrunner. Rumors swirl. Today’s column is about Jackson, possibly the world’s biggest phony. If Kelly remains a [...]

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Hue Jackson and Coach Davis

I always thought Hue Jackson laid it on thick with that "Coach Davis" line. It never felt sincere to me, just a form of buttering up. Now he got fired. Much good the Coach Davis routine did him.

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On Hue Jackson’s firing

Here is my Wednesday column on Hue Jackson's firing -- if anyone ever deserved to get fired, he did. I did not attend Reggie McKenzie's news conference on Tuesday because I had to be in Santa Rosa at the Press Democrat, but this column reflects what I feel. I want [...]

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More Hue Jackson

I'm down here in 49erville and because Jim Harbaugh arranged it that the players aren't here when the press is here, I left the locker room. (It's like a scene from "Catch 22.") Maybe some straggler players will wander in. Good luck to them. In the meantime -- and while [...]

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Jim Harbaugh vs. Hue Jackson

Jim Harbaugh is a better coach than Hue Jackson. Obvious. He has a better record and his team is in the playoffs and Jackson's isn't. What makes Harbaugh a better coach? I say a better technician, more attention to detail, better assistant coaches, better control of his team. Anything you'd [...]

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Hue Jackson pops his cork

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Monday column in which I quote Raiders head coach Hue Jackson a lot. When you read the column you'll see why. In the face of getting eliminated from the postseason, Jackson popped his cork, flipped his lid -- however you want to [...]

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Hue Jackson’s amazing postgame speech

Here is a quick transcript of Hue Jackson after the Raiders got eliminated from the postseason. This is one of the most amazing documents I ever transcribed in my life. A few points. This is edited. I did not write down every word – but I did most. You’ll notice [...]

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What Hue Jackson needs

OK, Cohn Zohners, this is my first column of 2012, a short dissertation on what Raiders rookie head coach Hue Jackson needs to accomplish Sunday against the disappointing San Diego Chargers and why. I don't actually expect anyone to read it tonight as you'll all, I'm sure, be having a [...]

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Hue Jackson all over the place re: Rolando McClain

Hue Jackson today spoke about Rolando McClain at his weekly news conference. He explained why he said harsh things about McClain early on but backed down from those remarks later and let McClain play in Sunday's defeat in Miami. I believe Jackson means to do and say the right things. [...]

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Bad pub for Hue Jackson

Lots of bad pub for Hue Jackson based on Sunday's blowout loss. For starters he seemed more into intrigue than making his QBs feel comfortable. He let Al Saunders say Palmer would start if he was breathing. Can you imagine what they did for Boller's confidence, already low? It seemed, [...]

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