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Ixnay on baseball instant replay

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about instant replay in baseball: From time to time, well-meaning but misguided people say the dreaded two words in relation to baseball. I’m reluctant to write the dreaded two words for fear of letting them loose on the world or causing a curse to be visited on me and my loved ones. Instant replay. There, I wrote them — and let the gods of baseball be kind to all of us. The… Read More »

Should baseball increase use of instant replay?

Bruce Jenkins wrote a strong column in this morning’s Chron. He advocates increasing the use of instant replay in baseball in certain situations. He wants baseball to get things right and to make use of available technology. I disagree with Bruce on almost every point. Let me say that right away. Bruce and I have been friends for decades and I’m sure he’ll forgive me — he’s a gracious man. I believe his heart is in the right place; it… Read More »