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Jed York again does not speak

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Jed York. The full text runs below: Dallas Jed York is not an impressive man. Amend that. The way Jed handles the 49ers’ crises is unimpressive to the max. We have seen plenty of evidence. In fairness, he may be impressive to his wife and parents at Christmas dinners, at Thanksgiving, at birthday parties. He may be a master around the piñata. Jed’s latest non-action is a monster of non-action. It… Read More »

I really disagree with Jed York

After the 49ers lost to the Colts yesterday, Jed York spoke to the media about Aldon Smith and why the team played him. “I don’t know that there’s a right decision in this situation,” he said. Wrong. There is a right decision if you want to make the right decision, if you actually care enough to take the time to think it through, if making the right decision matters to you. The decision to play Smith was blatantly wrong. It… Read More »

Jed York and the culture of blame

A lot of people are blaming Jed York for what went wrong Saturday at Candlestick Park. I call this the culture of blame. People accuse me of being hyper-critical, but I am not blaming Jed. It is easy to say after the fact he was lax. In fact, there were plenty of cops there. I don’t know if anyone could have been prepared for what happened. But that’s not even the point. Afterward, Jed acted quickly. He and the SF… Read More »

Jed talks

The TV guys were just talking to Jed York. They talked mostly about the “new” stadium and the change in kickoffs. They didn’t hardly speak about the game that is happening as they speak. Maybe there’s nothing to say about the game. The stadium mockup looks neat. I still think the real stadium should be in San Francisco.

I am retiring”Prince of York”

I have decided to retire my nickname for Jed York — Prince of York. I want you to know this. The whole meaning of calling him Prince of York was to blatantly say he had not earned anything — he had things given to him. I was implying he is green and over his head and undeserving. I also referred to him as Jed because I wanted to show he did not deserve to be called by his last name… Read More »

Praise for Jed York

This is in praise of Jed York and Trent Baalke, total praise, no secret agenda. They wanted Jim Harbaugh as head coach and they competed against other teams who wanted him. They showed patience and wisdom and persistence. And they got him. They won. This is a major growing step for the 49ers’ ownership to be able to attract and land Harbaugh. This is the first time the Niners have shown competence and gravitas in a long time and this… Read More »

Harbaugh to 49ers

Jim Harbaugh is going to the 49ers. Which means the Niners got their man. So all credit to Jed York and this hiring is great news for the Niners going forward. They are holding a 3:30 news conference in San Francisco to introduce Harbaugh to the media. Of course, I’ll be there.

If 49ers don’t get Harbaugh

If the Dolphins outbid the Niners for Jim Harbaugh we learn yet again what we already knew about Jed York. He said money was no object but money is a big object. Either he fibbed or he failed to calculate his limits. He had not done his homework and did not know the competition or Harbaugh’s market value. He went after something he really wanted and couldn’t get it. He was blown away by the competition. He comes off looking… Read More »

Jed York and phone interviews

I was just scrolling through Twitter and came upon an interesting tweet from the super-well-informed Matt Maiocco. He wrote that Jed York interviewed Falcons director of player personnel Les Snead before hiring Trent Baalke as GM. Jed conducted the Snead interview on the phone, Matt wrote. I also read during the past week that Jed interviewed other so-called candidates on the phone. Phone interviews stink. A real interview is when you sit in the same room as the person interviewing… Read More »

Why Jed York hired Baalke for the wrong reasons

The Press Democrat just posted my column on the hiring of Trent Baalke as the 49ers general manager. People were saying and writing all along that this was a fixed deal, that Jed York always intended to hire Baalke, and the so-called interviewing process and research process of searching far and wide for a general manager was a phony deal. It looks to me that theory was probably correct and I hate to admit it. My column reflects my disappointment… Read More »