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Jed York or Mark Davis, you make the call

Here is a link to my Sunday column which asks the eternal question, Who is a better owner Mark Davis or Jed York? The full text runs below: Who is a better team owner, Jed York or Mark Davis? Both are in the news. Both are searching for new head coaches. So, if you were a head-coaching aspirant, which owner would you rather work for? At first, the answer seems obvious. A new coach would rather team up with Jed… Read More »

Murph grills Jed York

Here is a link to Brian Murphy’s radio interview this morning with Jed York. Murph, as you know, is a friend of mine and a former colleague at the Press Democrat. Murph’s interview is the best and I am proud of him. This link is to Eric Branch’s blog. Eric is another former colleague at the PD.

Jed York talks

Here is a link to my Tuesday column in which Jed York talks Jim Harbaugh. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Let’s see if we understand this. At his lollapalooza post-Jim-Harbaugh news conference, Jed York said he parted ways with Jim Harbaugh over “philosophical differences.” Imaginary scene: Jed: I love Plato. He’s the man. Harbaugh: Plato’s an overrated bum. Jed: I don’t want you to coach my team, anymore. Harbaugh: Did I say something wrong? There was more. One… Read More »

Harbaugh Era coming to a close

Here is a link to my Monday column about why the Jim Harbaugh Era is ending. The full text runs below: OAKLAND Jed York doesn’t need to fire Jim Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh just fired himself. Harbaugh had a week and a half to prepare for the Raiders, to prepare for the worst team in football, to prepare for a team that came into Sunday’s 24-13 Raiders’ win with one victory and 11 losses, a team that lost the week before… Read More »

Jed York must address Harbaugh issue

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Jim Harbaugh vs. Jed York. The full text runs below: Jed York, the owner who never speaks except when it’s the wrong time to speak — or tweet — has a chance to do the right thing. He can do the right thing today. Doing the right thing would enhance his status as a football owner, endear him to fans and might cleanse his soul. Jed needs to speak up. First… Read More »

My advice to Jed York

Here is a link to my Sunday column in which I offer four pieces of advice to Jed York in a friendly spirit. The full text runs below: Dear Jed York, Because no one taught you how to act as a young man in the world, because no one schooled you in the complicated etiquette of being a team owner, I am offering my services. I am offering them sincerely and openly. I expected your dad had taught you, or… Read More »

Jed York, coward

Here is a link to my Friday column about Jed York’s bad manners. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Jed York is a coward. What I just wrote was hard and caustic. I know that. I                   apologize if I have offended your sensibilities. But, after the 49ers’ 19-3 loss to the Seahawks, Jed offended the sensibilities of every fair-minded person who follows the 49ers. I repeat — Jed York is a coward. After his team got smoked by the… Read More »

Jed York again does not speak

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Jed York. The full text runs below: Dallas Jed York is not an impressive man. Amend that. The way Jed handles the 49ers’ crises is unimpressive to the max. We have seen plenty of evidence. In fairness, he may be impressive to his wife and parents at Christmas dinners, at Thanksgiving, at birthday parties. He may be a master around the piñata. Jed’s latest non-action is a monster of non-action. It… Read More »

I really disagree with Jed York

After the 49ers lost to the Colts yesterday, Jed York spoke to the media about Aldon Smith and why the team played him. “I don’t know that there’s a right decision in this situation,” he said. Wrong. There is a right decision if you want to make the right decision, if you actually care enough to take the time to think it through, if making the right decision matters to you. The decision to play Smith was blatantly wrong. It… Read More »

Jed York and the culture of blame

A lot of people are blaming Jed York for what went wrong Saturday at Candlestick Park. I call this the culture of blame. People accuse me of being hyper-critical, but I am not blaming Jed. It is easy to say after the fact he was lax. In fact, there were plenty of cops there. I don’t know if anyone could have been prepared for what happened. But that’s not even the point. Afterward, Jed acted quickly. He and the SF… Read More »