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The myth of Moneyball

Down below I’ll give a link to Jeff Fletcher’s piece on the Myth of Moneyball. As you know, Jeff is a baseball writer supreme. I mean supreme. He currently edits both the A’s and Giants magazines and he wrote a longer piece on this subject for the A’s magazine. It will appear in a few weeks. What I am linking to will give you an idea of certain misconceptions about Beane and Moneyball, misconceptions which I think will be perpetuated… Read More »

More Bonds

My friend Jeff Fletcher wrote this blog about the Barry Bonds verdict, also saying he will vote for the cheater Bonds when he’s eligible for the Hall of Fame. His reasons are different from mine, but we reach the same conclusion. It is always a pleasure to hear from Jeff because he’s very knowledgeable. To read his piece click here.

More Brandon Belt

Jeff Fletcher, baseball writer extradinaire and my great friend, just sent me this piece he wrote on his blog Bay Bridge Baseball. It is about Brandon Belt and the Brandon Belt phenomenon and what the Giants should do or should not do with their high-profile rookie. Fletch sent it to me because I had written about Belt and he thought you and I would be interested in his take which, as always, is highly interesting. To read Fletch on Belt… Read More »

Jeff Fletcher on Game 6

I just had brunch with Fanhouse’s Jeff Fletcher, a Press Democrat alum and my friend. He along with Marty Lurie are my two go-to guys about baseball — they know everything the way Ira Miller knows football. Jeff wrote a preview of today’s Giants – Phillies Game 6 in which he cleverly puts the whole shebang into perspective. I know you’ll find what he has to say of interest. So here it is — to read Fletch click here.

Fletch answers Giants question

Former Press Democrat baseball writer Jeff Fletcher did the Zohn the honor of answering our hypothetical question: If the Giants don’t make the playoffs do Brian Sabean and/or Bruce Bochy get fired? Iggy wrote our post on that one and said no. Fletch, a great friend of mine and the Zohn, also believes Sabean and Bochy have done — and will do — well enough to stay employed. He wrote this on his personal blog Bay Bridge Baseball, although you’ve… Read More »