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Jeff Tedford question

Sandy Barbour said one of the reasons she fired Jeff Tedford is his low graduation rate of football players. Really? If Cal had won the Pac-12 North do you think she would have cared about the graduation rate? It’s debatable.

Jeff Tedford’s contract in black and white

Several readers have pointed out my misunderstanding of the fine details of Jeff Tedford’s contract. I’m an idiot at this stuff and that’s why I’m not a lawyer. From what I understand — and I still could be wrong — he is employed through 2015. The university pays him $225,000 per year and the bulk of his $2.3 million comes from outside sources including donors and according to one person who wrote to me, Nike. I went online and found… Read More »

Alas, poor Jeff Tedford

I am late posting my Tuesday column to the Cohn Zohn blog — I fell asleep early last night before it went up on the Santa Rosa Press Democrat website. It’s about Cal’s head football coach, Jeff Tedford and it’s not complimentary and I feel bad about that. I like Jeff Tedford and I respect him in so many ways. I just don’t think he’s been a very good coach lately and that needs to change. To read my column… Read More »

Cal needs to win Big Game

Here is my column on Saturday’s Big Game which will be played at Stanford at the late hour of 7:15 pm, too late for many newspapers to cover it comfortably. I attended Monday’s Big Game media luncheon in San Francisco, spoke to Cal coach Jeff Tedford and Stanford’s coach David Shaw and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, and came away with the firm conclusion that Cal sure could benefit by winning this game. To read my column please click here.

Zach Maynard shines

It’s been a while since Cal had a good quarterback or even a serviceable quarterback. On Saturday night Zach Maynard made his Bears debut in the season opener against Fresno State. On the basis of one look — this one game — he is bringing quarterbacking at Cal to a whole new level. He is smart and fast and just plain fun to watch. He also led the Bears to a win. I wrote my Sunday column about Maynard and… Read More »

Harbaugh vs. Tedford

In honor of Saturday’s Big Game, I wrote my Thursday column comparing Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and Cal’s Jeff Tedford. I posed a simple question: Which is the better coach? The easy answer is Harbaugh. His team is doing much better than the Golden Bears and he is on the rise and Tedford is not any longer. But I suggest in the column the answer is not that simple and Tedford still has lots going for him. To read my… Read More »

Singletary vs. Cable Part II

Here’s a followup to yesterday’s post asking who is a better coach, Singletary or Cable. Many Zohnists made a good case for Cable who has won some big games and Singletary hasn’t. I want to advance the conversation so please consider this. In the Bay Area we are in a strange situation. The college coaches are better than the pro coaches. Seriously. You may have your issues with Cal’s Jeff Tedford but he is better than Singletary and Cable. Tedford… Read More »

Column on Jeff Tedford

If you’ve been reading the Zohn today you know I posted a two-parter giving the transcript of my long and, from my point of view, fascinating interview with Cal football coach Jeff Tedford. It all started a few weeks earlier when I wrote that Tedford appears complacent. He disagreed with that assertion and phoned me to set up a one-on-one which took place a few days ago in his office. I found him honest, direct and, I guess, vulnerable —… Read More »

Tedford on Tedford Part II

Here is Part II of my interview with Jeff Tedford: Cohn: Criticisms I’ve heard of you: there are two. 1) He’s terrific. He used to seem more creative offensively. 2) He’s terrific. Has he reached a ceiling at Cal? Tedford: No, I don’t wonder if we’ve reached a ceiling here. I don’t. I really believe that each year is a new year and we have an opportunity each year to accomplish what we want to get done. Are there challenges… Read More »