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Jemile Weeks fighting for a job

Here is the opening to my Friday column about Jemile Weeks: PHOENIX This is about Oakland A’s once-and-perhaps-future second baseman Jemile Weeks, but first it’s about the refrigerator magnet. At the start of last season, the A’s produced a magnetized season schedule you could stick on your refrigerator. It was Weeks’ photo on the magnet, Weeks sliding, Weeks’ hat flying off, Weeks’ dreadlocks almost taking off into space. The photo was dramatic and it meant Jemile Weeks, 25 at the… Read More »

The Jemile Weeks phenomenon

Unlike me, my son Grant is still writing about sports. He’s home in Oakland busily typing away while I’m unbusily whiling away the hours in Hawaii. ComcastSportsNet BayArea just posted Grant’s latest opinion piece, this one about the Oakland A’s pheenom Jemile Weeks. Grant makes the case that, aside from pitching, Weeks is just about the only thing the A’s have going for them. Grant argues Weeks could become the face of the franchise. To read Grant Cohn on Jemile… Read More »