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Jerry Rice bashes Randy Moss

Jerry Rice recently called out Randy Moss. He said Moss was sometimes lazy and didn’t always run his routes. Everyone knows this is true. Everyone also knows Moss did not like to run across the middle. Rice said Moss’ sometimes lack of effort offended him. It should have offended everyone. Rice says Moss was more gifted than he was — I don’t agree. But Rice’s point is clear. Moss didn’t achieve what he might have because of a flawed character.… Read More »

Bay Area 10 most depressing sports injuries

ComcastSportsNet BayArea just published Grant’s latest opus. This time he wrote about the Bay Area’s ten most depressing sports injuries of all time, obviously a reaction to Buster Posey’s horrible injury last week. Grant wrote this as therapy for you and him — these injuries are sad. He also wrote it to remind us of important history. If you have another to add, write to him at Comcast or leave a response here. To read Grant’s column click here.