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Harbaugh vs. Baalke

Here is a link to my Friday column on the Niners. Sorry I didn’t post it Thursday night but I was so shocked by the Raiders’ win I temporarily lost my mind. The full text runs below: Here is today’s quiz. Think of this as a reading comprehension test, some exercise you’d see on the SAT. I remember taking the SAT and the teacher saying, “Pencils down,” and I was nowhere near finished. Your assignment is to read the long… Read More »

Don’t count out Jim Harbaugh

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Jim Harbaugh. The full text runs below: Don’t count out Jim Harbaugh. I am inundated with whisperings from knowledgeable people that he’s out after this season. No matter what. He’s out even if he wins the Super Bowl and the 49ers have to decide if the parade is in downtown San Francisco or Santa, umm, Clara. Question: Does Santa Clara have a downtown? I’ve heard it’s a done deal, Harbaugh’s demise… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh needs to beat Saints, duh

Here is a link to my Sunday column about the predicament — pickle? — Jim Harbaugh finds himself in. The full text runs below: Hey, Jim Harbaugh. I’m talking to you. That’s right, you. It would be a good idea to win today’s game. I’m just saying. Sure, you and the 49ers are big underdogs to the Saints who almost never lose on that speed carpet in New Orleans. Sure, you’re on a two-game losing streak and your offense looks… Read More »

Is Jim Harbaugh suffering depression?

I’m taking some time off in the post-Giants world. But I watched Jim Harbaugh’s weekly presser on TV. My God. He was depressed and listless and, apparently, clueless. He looked like he needed electroshock therapy to snap back into life. Excuse me, but a leader leads. Harbaugh should have come out enthusiastic, should have said he knows what to do, knows how to turn things around, knows how to win. Instead he ducked just about every legit question and he… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh must lead

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Jim Harbaugh. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Right after the 49ers blew the game to the Arizona Cardinals, Jim Harbaugh came to the interview room in Glendale, Ariz., for his post mortem. He had the energy of a limp noodle. You couldn’t blame him. Bad loss. It’s just that Harbaugh is a leader and, aside from leadership, a leader needs to show at least two things: competence and optimism.… Read More »

Harbaugh not losing control of 49ers

Here is a link to my Monday column about the Niners’ win over the Cowboys. The full text runs below: ARLINGTON, Texas Jim Harbaugh is a worthless coach who has lost control of the 49ers’ locker room, and the veterans can’t stand him and won’t play for him. That’s what we learned hours before the 49ers murdered the Dallas Cowboys 28-17 on Sunday in that temperature-controlled thing that looks like an airplane hangar. Forget about starting the season with a… Read More »

49ers and due process

Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke keep invoking due process when they discuss Ray McDonald, accused of and arrested for domestic violence. Due process is a legal term that does not necessarily apply to a person’s standing in a private company. McDonald should not play in Dallas on Sunday. He should not wear the Niners’ uniform until the cloud that hangs over his head goes away. If I got arrested for beating up Mrs. Cohn Zohn, the PD would suspend me… Read More »

Lowell’s hunches about Jim Harbaugh

I am in the desert in baseball world, far removed from the 49ers. I am reading about them. Mostly people on my blog dismiss the reports — now there are several — that the Niners and Browns talked a Harbaugh trade. Fans want to believe everything is peachy on the Niners. And things may be. But I’m talking from experience, from how I know news works, from how I know teams work. My gut feeling — I’m going on nothing… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh Part 3

Obviously, Jim Harbaugh is not going to Cleveland. Does that mean there was no truth to the story that a deal was discussed, that a deal was in place, that he was poised to go? I believe there was some truth to most or all of that. I’ve been doing this a long time and stories like this one don’t just appear from nowhere. I believe something happened. We may never know what happened. When Jed York tweeted that the… Read More »