Jimmy Raye and revisionist history

A new storyline has emerged about Jimmy Raye, former offensive coordinator. According to this line -- I call it revisionist history -- Jimmy Raye wasn't such a bad coordinator. He was a good soldier who followed Mike Singletary's orders and Singletary ordered that horrid offense. If Singletary ordered something better, [...]

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More Raye

I'm reading QB coach Mike Johnson will be the 49ers new offensive coordinator. He can't be any worse than Jimmy Raye. But here's the point. Will Singletary allow Johnson to be creative, to call a game like the Chiefs called on Sunday? If so, great. If Singletarty insists on his [...]

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Singletary and Raye clueless

I'm linking down below to my Monday column. This is not a column I wanted to write and none of what I wrote makes me happy. But I wrote what I believe to be the truth. Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye are clueless. Singletary needs to get rid of Raye [...]

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49ers way on the defensive

I wrote my Friday column based on the press conference in Santa Clara on Thursday. The Niners are on the defensive, way on the defensive. They are defending their loss in Seattle and they are defending their play calling and they are in general defending themselves. Most on the defensive [...]

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Jimmy Raye defends himself

Jimmy Raye defended himself today against Yahoo insinuations that he's slow to get plays to the field and gets muddled. One reporter mentioned the article to Raye and used the word "garbled" to refer to Raye's communication during games.  Raye: Who’s Yahoo?  Reporter: Yahoo sports, Jason Cole.  Raye: I don’t [...]

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More 49ers communications messups

Several alert Cohn Zohn readers alerted me to this article -- a must read. Yahoo Sport's Jason Cole wrote a dynamite piece on the 49ers' problems getting in plays which we saw in Seattle. According to Cole -- who cites anonymous sources, but sources, nonetheless -- these problems have been [...]

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More Smith slams Raye and coaching staff

Here is my Monday column about the Niners and their total confusion in Seattle. Alex Smith certainly put it to offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. This does not let Smith off the hook, Smith and his pathetic 52.5 passer rating. He was awful. But the Niner awfulness goes deeper than the [...]

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Smith knocks Raye some more

I just sent in my column but I thought I'd give you a preview. Here is a quote from Alex Smith indicating Raye did not get key calls in on time and that meant Smith had to waste all his timeouts in the first half. See what you think: “For whatever reason [...]

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Smith knocks Raye

Another quickie post before I get into my column. Alex Smith subtly complained about the playcalling. He said, "We certainly didn’t stretch them (Seattle) or take shots. In the second half we didn’t take any shots downfield either." He meant the playcalling was stodgy and the Niners did not go [...]

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Jimmy Raye needs to use Brian Westbrook correctly

I dare Jimmy Raye to use Brian Westbrook the right way. I double dare him. What we know about Raye is this. He's bright but he's conservative -- highly conservative. He wants a savage running game and a limited passing game. I don't like that formula -- it seems Stone [...]

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