Jed York vs. Joe Lacob

Here is a link to my Sunday column comparing the actions of Jed York and Joe Lacob. The full text runs below: Is Joe Lacob a better guy than Jed York? Opinion writers — people like me — generally believe Lacob is the better man, the morally superior man. This [...]

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Lacob right to fire Jackson

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the firing of Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Let's skip the preamble about why the Warriors fired Mark Jackson and if it was the right call. We'll get to that stuff later in this column. Warriors owner [...]

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Joe Lacob speaks to Kawakami

Tim Kawakami published this fascinating interview with Warriors owner Joe Lacob. What Lacob said certainly helps explain why coach Mark Jackson seems edgy these days. To read Tim's interview please click here.

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Interview with Joe Lacob (by Kawakami)

I've been so focused on the 49ers for a long time that I lost track of the rest of the sports world and maybe the world in general. I was pleased to see that Tim Kawakami did a long phone interview with Warriors owner Joe Lacob and posted it yesterday [...]

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Mighty Joe Lacob has struck out

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just published my Tuesday column about the Warriors and Joe Lacob. I attended Warriors media day today and it occurred to me that Lacob has not really improved the Warriors' roster in any significant way although, in fairness to him, he has tried. He may [...]

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Joe Lacob swings and misses for Tyson Chandler

It sure looks like Tyson Chandler will be with the Knicks. OK, so imagine you're the home plate ump and Joe Lacob is at bat. The first pitch was the Tyson Chandler pitch. Lacob swung and missed. The count is 0-1 and we're still counting. Are you ready for the [...]

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Warriors must get Chris Paul; and why a bird is the word

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Thursday column. It's about the Golden State Warriors and what I suggest they do when players from other teams soon become available. I suggest they get Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler, whatever it takes, and it may take a lot. Forget being [...]

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Your San Francisco Warriors

On Friday the Warriors will introduce their new coach -- you're talking about a guy named Mark Jackson. They will introduce him at a fancy hotel in downtown San Francisco. When Joe Lacob and Peter Guber took over the team they announced themselves at a fancy restaurant in San Francisco. [...]

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Jerry West gives Warriors a new feeling

Grant attended the Jerry West gala introduction along with me. They had danish and coffee in the morning and there was what they called a meet n greet and then Jerry appeared. Grant wrote about the whole deal for ComcastSportsNet  Bay Area. His assignment was to capture the feeling of [...]

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Jerry West’s haircut and Joe Lacob’s mission

OK, here is my Wednesday column hot off the presses -- not that there's anything hot about the internet. I attended the Jerry West introductory news conference on Tuesday in San Francisco and saw West in his full glory and Westness. He should bring a ton of good things to [...]

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