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“The Catch” revisited

Here is a link to my Sunday column about The Catch. The full column appears below: SANTA CLARA — He’s still handsome and, at 56, he looks young and his voice is rich and soothing. Someone once said his voice is “all milk and honey.” Dwight Clark. Made “The Catch.” Caught that pass from Joe Montana and ran the 49ers right into their first Super Bowl victory, ran them right into their dynasty. That Dwight Clark. The Catch was the… Read More »

Lowell’s five favorite quarterbacks

Here is a link to my column about my five favorite quarterbacks. The full text appears below: Drew Brees is the reason for this column. I got to thinking I love Drew Brees the quarterback, love to watch him work and play. Then I asked myself: “Who are my top-five, all-time favorite quarterbacks?” Not the best. The five I love or loved to watch more than anyone else. I’m limiting my discussion to the 1980s and after. Sorry, Johnny Unitas,… Read More »

Kaepernick compared to Montana and Young

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column: SANTA CLARA — It’s an off-day for 49ers football. The Green Bay game recedes in the rearview mirror. The Seattle game looms in the distance. And that means it’s time for a midweek thought question: Is Colin Kaepernick more advanced than Joe Montana and Steve Young at a similar stage of their careers? We are not asking if Kaepernick is better or will be better or is nicer. We are asking where… Read More »

Bill and Joe and Jim and Colin

Here is the opening to a column I wrote a while back for the Press Democrat’s special section on the 49ers. It is about the Niners’ first Super Bowl (well, it starts a little before that), which I covered, and the current Super Bowl attempt, which I am not covering: The man in the navy blue bellman’s outfit grabbed suitcases as players and media walked off the bus. Who was this guy? He was aggressive, grabbing the way he did.… Read More »

Eli Manning and Joe Montana

Before Sunday’s Super Bowl lots of people were asking if Tom Brady is as good as Joe Montana was — is Tom Brady Joe Montana? Well, that’s over with. Not at this time. No way. But here at the Cohn Zohn we can’t help noticing similarities between Eli Manning, the kid brother, and Joe Montana. This is not to say Manning is the equal of Montana. Not yet. Maybe not ever. But he showed Joe tendencies in winning the Super… Read More »

Montana vs. Brady Part 2

I had asked in my Sunday column if Tom Brady would equal or surpass Joe Montana in stature and greatness by winning his fourth Super Bowl. Well, Brady didn’t. He now is 3-2 in Super Bowls, as in he lost twice. Montana lost no times. Right now, I’m going with Montana. If you disagree with me, I’d love to know your reasoning.

Alex Smith is no Joe Montana

Alex Smith is no Joe Montana. We were reminded of this basic fact on Sunday afternoon during 49er Fan Fest, a team celebration at Candlestick Park involving the team, the fans and festivities. On the final sequence of the practice Jim Harbaugh — perhaps temporarily losing his grip — had the Niners’ offense reenact the series of plays leading up to The Catch. You know what Catch I’m talking about. Smith played the role of Joe Montana. To read what… Read More »

Joe Montana vs. Steve Young (Grant and Lowell)

First, a disclaimer: Johnny Christo and Kauai Robert, I am going back on my word here but I hope you will understand. I said I would link to Grant’s Comcast stuff but not to his 49er blog and here I am linking to the blog. Grant and I had a discussion about who was better, Joe Montana or Steve Young. Since I figure in this discussion I figured it would be fair to link. Also the discussion is interesting. Got… Read More »

Bay Area 10 most depressing sports injuries

ComcastSportsNet BayArea just published Grant’s latest opus. This time he wrote about the Bay Area’s ten most depressing sports injuries of all time, obviously a reaction to Buster Posey’s horrible injury last week. Grant wrote this as therapy for you and him — these injuries are sad. He also wrote it to remind us of important history. If you have another to add, write to him at Comcast or leave a response here. To read Grant’s column click here.

Montana vs. Elway

I enjoy this morning’s discussion about Aaron Rodgers on the Zohn, about whether he’s the best QB in the the NFL. Spurred on by that I’m posing a hypothetical. Who was a better QB, Joe Montana or John Elway? I can phrase this another way: If Elway played for Bill Walsh would he have been better than Montana? One former player told me Elway would have been better if he played for Bill. It’s an interesting question. Everyone assumes Joe… Read More »