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When Jim and John Harbaugh met at midfield

You need to remember I was not at the Super Bowl. I watched it on TV like you. When it was all over, I kept watching to see the Harbaugh brothers meet on the field. They struggled through a crowd to find each other. Touching. When they met, they shook hands. Shook hands? They are brothers for heaven’s sake and they just had competed heroically against each other. They should have hugged. Then Jim, of all people, lovingly put his… Read More »

John Harbaugh to help little brother, Jim

It is being reported that John Harbaugh will help Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers next Monday night. It is not known if John will attend coaches’ meetings in Santa Clara or work the headsets for his little brother during the game. John’s Ravens have defeated the Steelers twice this season and it is in John’s interest for the Niners to beat the Steelers. As long as John is giving his kid brother help, we want to… Read More »

The real Jim Harbaugh

During his Monday news conference, Jim Harbaugh tried hard not to reveal much about himself — to peel back the onion, was the metaphor he used. He also refused to get sentimental about facing his brother Thanksgiving night in the Harbaugh Bowl. But I believe he revealed just about everything about himself without meaning to. And that’s what I wrote my Tuesday column about. To read my column about the real Jim Harbaugh please click here. FYI, I’m on Comcast… Read More »

Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Sunday column which happens to be an interview with Jack Harbaugh about his famous coach sons, Jim and John who will meet in a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh showdown on Thanksgiving night in Baltimore — yours truly will be there. Jack Harbaugh is naturally proud of his coaching prodigy sons. I think you will find Jack an interesting and likable dad. To read my total Harbaugh column, please click here.

49ers fire Jim Harbaugh and hire John Harbaugh

Bulletin, the 49ers appear to have fired Jim Harbaugh and hired his brother John. In a press release about the draft, they wrote about the post-draft party for fans: “49ers head coach John Harbaugh will address fans in attendance following the 49ers final first-round selection.” Gosh, Jim Harbaugh hasn’t coached a game and the Niners already ditched him. More to ¬†follow.