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See you later, Jonathan Sanchez

When Grant and I landed at SFO and they said people could turn on their electronic devices, Grant looked at me across the aisle of the plane and said, “The Giants traded Jonathan Sanchez for Melky Cabrera.” I almost fell out of my seat. Finally, the Giants did the right thing. Finally, they got rid of Sanchez and used him to get a real hitter. The Giants desperately need real hitters. So after we drove home and I said hello… Read More »

Should Giants trade a pitcher for a hitter?

The Giants got swept by the A’s — pretty amazing and frankly pretty bad. Well, it was good for the semi-resurgent A’s. So the main topic of conversation with Bruce Bochy after the Giants lost 2-1 on Sunday was whether the Giants should trade a pitcher (Jonathan Sanchez anyone?) for a power hitter to help the anemic offense. There is no definite answer yet, but Bochy clearly is thinking about it. To read my column on this apocalyptic topic click… Read More »

Jonathan Sanchez drifting mentally

Henry Schulman just tweeted Bruce Bochy is unhappy with Jonathan Sanchez who stunk today vs. the Mets. Bochy plans to meet with his pitcher tomorrow who, Bochy said, is drifting mentally. I can get behind that. But what does it mean he drifts mentally? Is he on the mound with men on base asking himself, “I wonder what Hamlet’s problem really is:? Is he asking himself: “What is that Oedipus Complex about?” “Did I over-tip at dinner last night?” “These… Read More »

Giants have the crud

Bruce Bochy just held his pregame presser. He was coughing and clearing his throat and seemed filled with phlegm. He said “the crud” has been rampaging his clubhouse and other major league teams. Today’s starter, Jonathan Sanchez, has the crud and needed an IV yesterday. Bochy said they will keep a close watch on him as he’s lost some strength. Bochy said the entire bullpen is available. He didn’t say if it is crud free.

Giants and J. Sanchez dilemma

Assuming this World Series goes to 7 games — a big assumption — the Giants have a dilemma. Jonathan Sanchez is scheduled to pitch that game, at least it would be his turn, but he’s not doing so well lately. After he lost on Saturday night reporters asked Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti if he has concerns about starting Sanchez in Game 7. “You’re damn right,” Righetti said, “absolutely, we’ll see.” Maybe the Gians can win the Series before it… Read More »

Bad Johnny II

Bad Jonathan Sanchez just gave up a solo shot, a bomb to center, by Josh Hamilton, a lefty by the way. Bruce Bochy saw enough after Sanchez walked the next batter on four pitches. Bochy just yanked Bad Johnny. At least Bad Johnny made it into the fifth inning this time. In Philly he only got into the third before cracking up.

“Bad” Jonathan Sanchez

Who would show up for the Giants tonight, Good Jonathan Sanchez or Bad Jonathan? So much depends on who Sanchez is any given night. Early indications are that Bad Jonathan told Good Jonathan to stay home. He was wild in the bottom of the second, put two men on and in a gutty at-bat Mitch Moreland crushed a pitch into the right field stands. So, it’s 3-0 Rangers going to top of third. Good Jonathan better grab a cab and… Read More »

Jonathan Sanchez and a hiccup

Bruce Bochy said he still has confidence in Jonathan Sanchez. Bochy said Sanchez had a “hiccup” in Philly. I disagree and I don’t have all that much confidence in Sanchez in big games on the road. He melted down Saturday in Philly. He failed his team. The moment was bigger than he was and he wanted out of that game. I don’t call that a mere hiccup. I’m a polite man so I’ll try to keep my words clean. Let’s… Read More »

J. Sanchez ear biter

It’s crazy how a mind makes a connection. I saw Jonathan Sanchez lose his cool vs. the Phils and I knew for sure he didn’t want to be out there pitching. So I thought of Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear. Somehow I made that comparison — a guy completely losing his cool and not wanting to be there. Maybe I’m nuts.

Sanchez blows sky high

Jonathan Sanchez just got lifted in the third. He got no outs. He hit Chase Utley and yelled some smack at him. It looked like Bochy was going to take him out. Before that happened Sanchez yelled at Utley and Utley ignored him and the benches cleared. This was no way for Sanchez to comport himself in this game as a pitcher or a guy. And the Giants want to go to the World Series.