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49ers sign QB Josh Johnson

The 49ers just sent out an advisory that they signed QB Josh Johnson to a one-year contract. This is an excellent move. The Niners did not have a quality backup QB and now they do. I’m going to go out on a limb — Johnson is the most important signing the Niners made in the draft period and after. Please be kind to me.

How Jim Harbaugh blew it with Scott Tolzien

Something has been bothering me about Jim Harbaugh, about the way he released QB Josh Johnson. After he and Trent Baalke cut down to 53 players, the media asked Harbaugh why he kept Tolzien as his third QB and why he let Johnson go. Harbaugh, as is his custom, said he did not want to compare the two QBs because inevitably someone gets diminished. I respect that. But Harbaugh did not see the big picture and now I understand how… Read More »

49ers release Josh Johnson

The Niners just released the names of the players they just released, among them QB Josh Johnson. I didn’t see this coming. He played better than Scott Tolzien last night and in previous preseason games. Obviously, the Niners believe Tolzien is better than Johnson. I hope Johnson catches on someplace else.

Josh Johnson to Niners

It is interesting that the Niners signed QB Josh Johnson. I have no opinion of him as a player. But now the 49ers have four quarterbacks. This move, it seems to me, means Jim Harbaugh is not totally satisfied with any of his quarterbacks including Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick and wants yet more depth. Can you suggest any other interpretation?